Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blog 20 - Nursery Rhymes for my baby

Nursery Rhymes are very important for babies to listen too and so is music .(read it somewhere)
so while I am too lazy to open the laptop and out on music I make my own songs for my little baby to put him to sleep.
I knew I should have noted most of them ....
Here is one of them.
My baby boy, I so shy
He does not cry
He wears no tie
He tells no lie
So time to say
Bye- bye

Another one is...
All you people, listen to me
I'll give you a big kick
Bcoz my name is Ritvik

One more
Oh Sleep Fairy come and give my sweetu baby some sleep today

All this I sing with made up music.

1 comment:

Scorpio said...

Good,Creative job :)I'm sure ur son wil love it!!