Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blog 9 - Vision Exam & a hectic day

For the past 1 week I have been having a bad eye pain- head pain...not sure if my number has changed or is it just the weather...but don't feel like doing anything with this nagging pain...
So anyways yesterday I decided to go for a eye-checkup-- so here in US you have to first make you go to someone who is covered under your Insurance having taken an appointment I called my Insurance twice to confirm my plan and also whether the doctor was covered. They said the doc was In-network and also I was covered 100% after the co-pay.
Evening 5 pm I went for my appt and when they called my insurance to verify, they said they could not pull my records. Phew!!
The doctor called them and spoke and after dilly-dallying for 30 minutes they could not find anything. I had to return without my eye-check up done.
Now I think it might be just a dry eye and will put some drops in my eyes and go to bed.
So much for being in US and having insurance.

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