Sunday, January 01, 2017

Post 1- Happy New Year - Blogathon 2017

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2017
The blog has been neglected a lot in the past 2 years and so when I read R's Mom and Maya's post I decided to get on the Blogathon, a much needed respite needed for both the blog and me.
It is going to be difficult especially on week-ends when I absolutely refuse to touch the laptop and sadly I am not that tech-savvy that I can write blogs through my phone, so let's see how it goes.
I am even clueless as to what topics I am going to cover for all of the 31 days, I don't want to just put out stuff there to mark a check against the day but want to put stuff that I would enjoy to read a many years from now. There will be a lot of picture posts for sure.
I will also try to track my fitness regime and diet here.
Ok, so now for the real content. How did we celebrate the New Year, already plans were being made for a potluck, menu was being decided, people being added in the WhatsApp group created. Unfortunately yours truly came down with a sore throat and a bad case od running nose and headaches :(
It started with a mild throat pain on Tue which I neglected and then the symptoms went on to get worse. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was spent in a concoction of lemon, honey, warm water. Saturday morning, it got so worse that I woke up in the morning and went to the clinic hoping it would be Strep and I would get some antibiotics. the Strep culture came back -ve and more rest and gargling was advised by the doctor. A bad case od cold also started bringing with it it's own headaches. Somehow I managed to prepare the mutton sukha promised for the potluck. All of us met at the Broadmoor party hall at 8pm , food was served and had gladly. Then the poker tournament began which I did not take part in, by 10:30 the headache was unbearable and so I got the little one home and tried to rest, which was  a mere thought as soon the son came back to poop and then a little while later after 12 to be precise to sleep and by then the coughing returned in full earnest which send all thoughts of sleep flying through the window. I got up and watched the movie Dhanak on Netflix and finally managed to go to bed at 4am.
Resolutions You may ask:- It's been a lot many years that I stopped making any Resolutions for the New year, but this time I want to train and run for a Marathon, depends on a number of external factors, fingers crossed.
BTW, do take part in the Blogathon and be a part of us and let me know what your resolutions are for this year.

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Vincy said...

Hey Happy new year Seema. I know we are already into the 3rd week of the new year. But better late than never.

congrats on your blogathon. I have never attempted one and am inspired by blog friend Rekha who just completed one and you. Maybe this year i will try. But i am going to support you in your attempt as a reader of your blog. :-) :-)