Thursday, January 05, 2017

Post 5- Bumble Bee's 7th Birthday Blogathon 2017

Nov 12th Saturday was the older one's 7th birthday. Long back I had though of a swimming pool party but we had our annual Diwali celebrations on 13th and on 12th itself we had our Indoor Volleyball Tournament and I did not want to delay with another week, so I though I'll skip this year.
I was in 2 minds till the last minute,at times he bugs me so much that I do not want to do anything for him but birthdays are always special and it was always in the back of the mind to do something special.
he and his BFF have the birthday in the same week, so I asked his friend's Mom if she wanted to do a combined party as they have the same circle of friends. She agreed and we decided to do a pool party on Friday the 11th. We placed orders for the cake and got chips,juice and also same shirt for both of them..
I got printed invitations and asked them to fill it and invite their friends themselves.
On 11th Friday after picking the little one from day-care, we went to the pool, it was a 5-7 party, the kids began assembling and jumping along in the pool. All of them had great fun.
There is a tiny party room at the side where we placed the birthday banner, kept the cakes there and lighted them. It took a hard time for us to get the kids out of the pool, but finally we managed and got to the cake cutting. Cake/Pizza,juice was provided to all.Lots of pictures taken and beautiful memories captured.
Happy 7th my love.


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Vincy said...

Give a big hug to your Bumble bee. Love to him and may the lord bless him abundantly