Sunday, January 08, 2017

Post 8- The 1st Sunday Blogathon 2017

Yesterday night I started watching the movie 2 States, watched it halfway till 12 and then went to bed. Today we all woke up aaram se what with it being a Sunday and all. Called home a it is their Visa Renewal Interview tomorrow morning **keeping fingers crossed**, quickly made tea and bread toast took bath and then myself and the kids went for a bday party in the party hall.
It was a Frozen theme birthday and so we went in our blues dress colors. There were activity for the kids, coloring, puzzles, some were just running around, then we had the cake cutting after which music was on for the kids to dance and a tissue wrapping game, the older one was with his friends, the younger one preferred to remain near me.

Soon it was pizza time after which there were cup ice-creams, strawberry and chocolate flavored and then the little return gifts were given. All in all a fun party!

We returned home and napped for some time.

C u all on Monday!

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