Monday, January 02, 2017

Post 2- Flashback - Blogathon 2017

Day 2 and my cold and sore throat has not improved at all. I cannot do my two favorite things in the world, Eat & Sleep.

2016 started with putting the daughter in day -care, started with half-days which was hectic in itself, what with the work load and getting her back within the stipulated 5 hr time, the whole coping mechanism for her in the day care and for me, though for me it was not so bad this time as I already had the older one's experience and knew it would all be fine within 3 weeks.
She also got the ear infection 3 times consecutively within a span of 2 weeks which got me a little worried, even here the older's ones experience was handy and knew that it was just a period of time her immune system is taking to adjust to the new surroundings. Finally mid Feb the ear infections subsided and the little one adjusted to her day care. We also transitioned to the full time which a huge relief for me.

February , we also had the Indoor VB Tournament, one of the girls was going to India permanently and we wanted to win the cup for her. We played a good match but ended up with the Runner's cup.

March, April, May went by bringing the summer. Summer, saw a lot of Broadmooor Volleyball Tournaments, which was good fun and exercise in all, we even conducted Girl's Throwball matches which brought about it's own dramas , there were relay (running), older's one Soccer classes began, a lot of outings, camping's happened.
We lost the Semis in the Sand VB Tournament but the guys won the cup. We made up for that by winning the Womens Gold cup in November.

End of the year saw the hubby getting a muscle pull which lead to back pains, leading him to the chiropractor who started his adjustments , leading in turn to head pains and dizziness and overall mentally tired affecting all of us in some way or the other.

Hopefully 2017 will gives us a lot more different memories to cherish.

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Vincy said...

The positive part of last year was that you were able to manage all that came your way. When life throws lemons at you, make the best of it, make lemon juice. :-)


I am sure this year will be lot more fun and may lot of good things come your way.