Saturday, January 07, 2017

Post 6- The Post That I missed Blogathon 2017

Somehow I missed publishing the 6th post. It was  a Friday evening and I always thought I had plenty of time to post. I had meetings till 4pm after which I cleaned the kitchen and went to bath, Dundu baby came back from day-care so I gave her milk and put tea, after which I had this splitting headache because of the cold and congestion, just sat idly watching the kids play their own game, gave bath to Dundu and by 6:45 I took her to the play area. She made we walk with her up and down the staircase a couple of times giving me some exercise and then after some time lot of kids came to the play area so she went about playing with them, I walked a little with my friends, chatted with some, at 8 the poker group came so I played a little , then at 9 came home and quickly made some paneer paratha for dinner.
After having dinner it was past 10 and the hubby put the movie Dear Zindagi, sat watching it till after 12 and hit the bed at 12:30. It was then that I realized that I had not posted for the day. I immediately wanted to get up and write but I had already past the deadline for the day so let it go and promised to write 2 posts today.
So here is the 1st one, missing a post gave me the fodder for it 

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Vincy said...

Hey i like this. Nice way of making up for the missing blog post.