Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Post 4- Puerto Rico - Day 3 - Blogathon 2017

This Blogathon will also see me recapping my Puerto Rico trip

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Day 3 , morning we had our breakfast of bread and jam and then checked out from the hotel. We were covering the North Side of the island. We drove to our hotel along the beaches and on the way we stopped at the "Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park" . It looked like a tiny park and we thought we would skip it and keep going but the kids needed a break and so we went in, it turned out to be beautiful, the ocean view was spectacular, the light house was closed, we could just walk up to it, there was sort of a mini zoo with different kinds of birds and animals, there was also a water park, the son had loads of fun splashing in the water, there was a car water ride that me and the daughter got into, on the way to the hotel both the kids slept in the car,  as it was getting eve we started searching for an eatery to stop by. We decided on Panda Express and I wanted to eat some Chinese. The GPS kept giving some directions and we reached our hotel signal, so if we took a right we would go to the hotel where a left would be to panda Express. G said we should just go to the hotel and get something to eat whereas I was adamant to go to Panda Express and we drove through some inner roads and it really looked like a farmland with no hotel in near sight. Dismayed we turned back and headed for the hotel itself. We had some sandwiches to eat at the hotel restaurant , checked in , changed and then went to another nearby park, it was getting dark by now, so we strolled a little and then drove back to the hotel, had curd/rice, and then went to bed.

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