Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Post 3- The Poker Mania - Blogathon 2017

RULES OF POKER.........................................................................................
Sometime last year i.e 2015 June the whole Broadmoor group)our gang precisely) got introduced to poker and we went all professional, casino style.The chips set was ordered, the shuffler, the cards, the tablecloth the entire set-up was done.
The rules were shared about and everyone got upto date on their poker terminology, ante, bet, raise, call, river etc. I had played poker few years back with a different set of friends and so understood it quite a bit. Wives were introduced to the game and it became a family game to be played by all during week-ends. Playing was done for real cash, keep an account to be tallied at the month-end. Everyone loved it, week-ends changes to games to be played every evening. No longer guys wanted to play TT or pool as was the custom in long winter months, everyone turned to Poker. Week-days we started at 7pm and went on till after 9 pm. The pull of the cards tempted one and all. Then someone went one step ahead and suggested a poker tournament. Trips were made to the casino, rules studied and implemented in our own in-house poker house. Week-ends were for Tournaments. Buy-in's varied from $5 to $7 depending on number of players. First 3 spots were given prizes. Sometimes the number of players were 15-16 in which case 2 tables were arranged and then merged after 7 remained behind. Winning led to highs and losing led to playing more for the comeback, it was an addiction like no other, wanting to return fast from office, get dinner ready and off to the poker table.
Soon 2016 Summer began, outdoor games began, Volleyball tournaments returned, poker took a backseat, someone initiated, others declined, it was a poker respite for a few months, now the winter has began again, poker has reared it's head once again but the addicition is limited, wives have somehow remained away from it, guys are playing TT, pool and keeping to poker only on week-ends. Let's see what the coming year does to the game.

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Vincy said...

Addictions also have a expiry time.

I haven't played poker. Should try it soon.