Friday, January 24, 2014

Brrrrrrrrrrr---I hate Winters

I hate Winters, the cold, the snow, the ice.
Basically I am hot, whichever way you intend to take that. I am a heat loving person. I love to be in the heat all the time.
Winters with a pleasant wind or mild chilliness is fine but not the crazy temperatures we get around this place.

It is freezing, infact below freezing here in MN. Temperatures go up to -40degree F...can't even imagine the number in Celcius.

It is so cold and chilly that schools have given 3 days off and we have not yet completed the month of January.

The other day I had to clean my car before driving to ofc at 9 in the morning, somehow I have misplaced my one gloves and hand it only on one, I hardly stood out for 5 mins that my bare hand was freezing, even after getting inside the car and putting the heat on full force it retunred to normal only after 15-20 mins. It was so difficult to drive during that time.

 I am trying to put a picture of the craziness we encounter but blogspot is not co-operating
So tada...have a great week-end folks.

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Titaxy said...

err, winters can be harsh. hope you have a wonderful weekend.