Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

So I decided to join the Blogathon 2014 along with Dreamy Mommy and others.
For more details visit her space here

First of all Wishing everyone a very very Happy New Year

New Year's time is synonyms to Resolutions, for me I have stopped keeping any New Year Resolutions long long time back and it is the same this year too. However I decided to join the Bloagathon i.e to post daily for 1 month, finger's crossed as to how well this goes.

I welcomed this year with sleepy and dreamy eyes as I was sleeping at a friend's place. Last year all friends had a get-together but this year nothing materialized. What with us just returning from our India vacation I did not get time to plan anything.

Will be definitely putting up a post "On the Year that Was" soon, till then all you folks take care and enjoy.


soulsearchingdays said...

Hey, Wishing you too a very Happy New Year ahead. Let me also take a look at blogathon, I think that will be the only way which will keep me inspired to write daily. Thanks for the wishes and link for the blogathon. Take care and God bless

Horizon said...

@Rekha--You should definitly join. It will be fun.