Saturday, January 04, 2014

India Vacation Week 1

Nov 27th - Dec 3rd 2013:
So we left from Minneapolis with all our luggage packed for our vacation to India. We reached the airport on time and all the formalities were completed pretty soon. We waited 45 mins for the boarding and at 5:30 pm we boarded the Delta airlines to Paris.
We were offered some pasta in flight which really upset our stomachs. Thankfully Ritvik refused to eat much, after some time baby slept an I watched the movie "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani". Finally after 8hrs we reached Paris. Since the flight was delayed we just had time to get our boarding passes, pass through security and reach the boarding gate 10 mins prior to flight departure.
In this Air France flight to Bangalore we were again given some meals which gave me a bad taste in mouth and I puked everything after some time, after that we just stuck to eating fruits and drinking juices.
Finally we reached Bangalore on 29th Nov at 1:15 am. We completed the Immigration and Customs and came out by about 2:30 am.
FIL and cousin were waiting for us. Ritvik immediately jumped and went to them to get the car. From there started the long journey to Coimbatore.
Mid-way R asks cousin, "What is this sound..Honk Honk Honk, cousin explained it was the horn in the car. Poor baby was hearing it for the first time, not accustomed to it in US.
We reached home by 7:30 am , had breakfast and went to bed.
I got up by 2:00 pm, had lunch by 4 and then just idled time till dinner and bed time. Me and G woke up by 1:30 am and then were just chit-chatting till morning.
Next day we spent again after breakfast till noon, had lunch and again went to bed, woke up in the evening and went for a walk and again idled away time till dinner, again woke up by 2:30 am.
Sun : Dec 1st: Woke up in the morning, got ready and went to our farmland, from there we went to a cousin's place, had fresh fish fry and returned home in the evening. Some uncles visited home  and then after dinner again went to bed to wake up by 3:30 am.
Mon: Dec 2nd: Tonite we were travelling to Chennai for our visa stamping. Morning saw us packing all our documents and luggage, at night FIL dropped us to the train station. R stayed back with grandparents. We immediately went to our respective berths and went to sleep.
Tue: Dec 3rd: Reached Chennai at 6 am in the morning, took a rick to our hotel-Hotel Ranjith, had yummy breakfast, then got ready to go for our finger stamping and other formalities at noon. All that was done within half-hr. Returned to hotel, had lunch and then decided to go to a mall. Once we reached there G was not in a mood to watch any movies as he was sleepy and so we just idled our time, while returning we walked all the way to our hotel which was a 1+ hr walk. The weather was great in Chennai as it had just rained the previous day. Once we reached the hotel we rested for some time had dinner and then tried to sleep but could no as we were very anxious and nervous abut our visa interview the next day.

Did we get the visa? What did we do next? Stay tuned

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