Tuesday, January 14, 2014

India Vacation Week 4

Dec 18th - Dec 24th

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Dec18th: Me and mom slept upstairs, Mom got up at 6:30 and went to help MIl while I was still in sleepland. Woke up at 8:30, had breakfast, then took bath and got ready. Mom was leaving to Kerala and her train was at 1:15. We all got ready and left home by 12:30 pm. There was construction going on and hence there was a huge traffic jam, we were anxiously looking at the watch and the road. Finally we made it to the railway station at 1:13pm and we took her luggage and ran to the platform, thankfully the train was 10 mins late and we heaved a breath of relief. After she boarded the train R started crying that he also wants to go with Ammu, we consoled him and took him from there.

We then went to buy mixie/cooker/chappals for me/shopping for tops(but I did not buy any) and reached home at 6:30pm.
We decided to go to other relatives house but they all had gone out so we went to a cousin's place. R was happy to go there and play with his cousin's. We had dinner and left by 9pm.

Dec 19th: Morning we were at home and evening we did a trip of all the remaining relatives house.

Dec20th: Today me and R were going to Kerala by the same train that mom left. G came to leave us at the railway station. Due to last times incident we reached the station half hour early. The train was late by 1 hr and R got bored waiting at the station. As soon as we entered the train he slept for 1 hr and then he woke up and did some sight seeing. On reaching our station my cousin had come with his bike and R even though seeing him for the first time gladly went to him and sat upfront on his bike. We went and purchased fish and reached home by 6pm. R was happy to see "Ammu" and readily mixed with all others at home. Had dinner of yummy fish and prawns and slept soundly.   Dec 21st: Next day we were invited to lunch at a friend's place, after eating there and leaving R tells them, Now tomorrow you come to our house for lunch.(we hardly know those ppl, they are friends of my cousin's). Evening G was driving to meet us and after meeting at a pre-arranged spot we went to I'jalakuda to visit my G'pa in hospital.From there we left for my uncle's house where all my other cousins and relatives had come. R instantly mixed up with cousins playing their game. Night we went to a park and got ice-creams for all the kids, there were some rides which the kids played on, returned home , had dinner of crab, prawns, more fish and slept. R slept with his cousins.   Dec22nd: We woke up at 6, got ready and left for home(Cbe). R very reluctantly agreed to come with us. On the way we stopped for break-fast(food was not all that great). As we left the restaurant and travelled a few mins we heard a loud sound thud noise(like a puncture) and halted our car, we checked but there was no puncture though a very heavy metal banging like sound kept coming when we drove a little. Thankfully even though it was a Sunday we found a garage just 2 mins away, we took the car there and they fixed the front wheel which bended on hitting a pothole.
We reached home by 12 pm and then went for lunch at an aunt's place.
That night we all cousins went to see another Tamil movie and returned by 1.

23rd Dec: Morning went to other relatives place which we missed, went to bank and some last minute stuff, I went to the Beauty Parlour and did everything from Pedicure, Waxing, Eyebrows, Facial to hair cut.Evening all cousins went to restaurant and had a great dinner.

24thDec: Day for us to leave to Bangalore. G and FIL went in car in the afternoon. Me & R were to fly at night, so I slept in the noon , while MIL made chapatis and chutney while R went out with some uncle, woke up, some relatives stopped by, got ready and left for airport at 6:30, flight was at 8. R was very reluctant to come and wanted to stay there. We reached Bangalore airport by 8:50pm and waited for G, they came half hr later, we all had dinner and then at 10 we decided to enter the airport, again R wanted to stay and clung to FIL but we went inside and started the ticketing process.

Thus ended our wonderful India vacation .

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