Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fun times @Stamford, CT

I strongly believe that the most fun you can have is when you have great friends with you, the place the time all that just does not matter.
I had a great time when I stayed at Stamford, CT for 1 year.
Initially when I moved I had 1 friend S with whom I spend most of my time, we both were lukkas and had great fun together. She loved non-veg and on week-ends we would buy crab/chicken , cook and have them on the balcony.
I also got friendly to her neighbours (bachelors), they would play poker on week-ends and me being a card person would spend the week-ends playing cards.
We all stayed in the same apartment complex so spending late nights was not a problem.
I also got my parents to US for the first time for 2 months and had a great time showing them around, when they left by October end it was the onset of winter.
Now by Dec end we or the office mgmt decided to do a cultural get-together. me and one other guy decided to take initiative for dancing (Truth is neither of us knew how to teach any steps) only thinking was we both loved dancing.
A week later we were still to decide on anything concrete when some friends informed that one girl J was coming onsite and she was a great dancer.
So we eagerly waited for her to come and hand over the reins to her.

She came and within no time got friendly to everyone spreading her cheerfulness around.
We had only 2 weeks to practice and we used to spend late nights practising, most of the times we used to be just laughing crazy at each other's jokes. We also decided to do a Fashion Show with various themes and so used to participate with everyone. This way we got friendly with everyone around us.

The function was a huge hit and after that everyone got so friendly that for 2 months (every week-end) we used to have get-together's at one friend's place or another. 90% of them were bachelors and even the married ones behaved like bachelors, so we all got along very well.

Then some other group wanted us to perform for thier function, so again we used to hang out late-nights, celebrate birthday's together, eat drink and have fun.
During this time somehow everyone got interested in casinos, every week-end and even week-days sometimes we would hang out in casinos. We would leave our palce at midnite, drive 2-3 hrs and then return next day noon. It was one jam packed fun filled life. Like everything that phase too had to come to an end. It came when I left Stamford to return back to India.

Those are beautiful memories to be cherished forever.


Avada Kedavra said...

It's always fun when we are spinsters and get to stay away from home. I remember all the fun I had with my roommates too.
Finally finished the Liebster tag. Check out my blog. Thank you for tagging me :)

Horizon said...

Those times are real fun indeed. I'll do check out your blog.