Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On Bumble Bee's Swimming

Like all kids our loved water very much, he loves playing in the bath-tub, loves running on the beach and so like all eager parents we enrolled him for Swimming Lessons. I expected him to be scared/nervous the first day but he went straight ahead and got into the pool.
There were other kids who were reluctant and one teacher spend her whole time with that kid. I was impressed that she spend so much time making him comfortable.

Seeing R's enthusiasm we got new swimming googles and hat for him.

2nd lesson was fine, 3rd lesson he started getting cold at the end and wanted to come out immediately, 4th lesson R did not want to go in the water and I had to literally push and coax him into going, he would keep coming back to where I was sitting, it was getting irritating after a point. He would start maoning form home itself that he did not want to go for swimming classes and as I was the one taking him I started getting very irritated and could not wait for the classes to get over. Moreover the teachers were not very co-operative like they were with the other child, that made me more mad. He got cold and so did not send him for the last 2 classes. Thus ended his first swimming lessons.

I asked G to teach him 2 days a week in our apartment swimming pool, but he does not have time.

We have now enrolled him at a new place (bit costly) but supposed to be good. Let's see how this work out.


priya said...

I was passing by n saw this particular post which took me back to my school days. I was 7yrs old then n my dad, whose hobby is to swim, enrolled us(me n my sis) for classes. On the first day I was so excited that I almost jumped into the pool. But slowly I started losing interest and in turn I got scared of swimming because of our coach. And classes were not just for that month, my dad who understood that I am scared of it, wants me to get rid of that fear. So he took us year after year, every summer. I started building up my hate in addition to fear towards it. After two summers, apart from my sincere struggles to stop him from enrolling me again, I was there in pool again, crying. I made an excuse, ran into the washroom and locked myself up. After few minutes when my sister came to call me, I said I will be there in 2 minutes and asked her to leave. When she came back after few more min, I acted as if the bolt got struck, which actually dint. Not knowing what to do, she called my dad. In few minutes I could hear many voices from outside asking me to do things, try pulling the door in , try this, try that. I felt kinda funny and scared at the same time. What if my dad finds out that it isn't true, (he dint. Not till today ;) ). Later a man working there went back of those changing rooms and started suggesting things from the ventilator. Well, then I've to stop acting. I slowly opened the door and stepped out, knees shaking. The first thing happened before I could utter any word was, my father had hit me hard on my face and the floor being all wet, I slipped and fell. The next thing happened then, he directly took me to the deeper side of the pool (9 feet depth) and insisted me of swimming there -2 laps nonstop, which I did. That night on my way home, I still remember seeing tears in his eyes. He then bought me chocolates and ice-cream.

To my surprise, I found myself willing to swim from the next day. It is my favourite hobby. I had even participated in a few competitions. I owe it all to my dad.

Thanks to this post which reminded me of those days :)

Horizon said...

Whew! Glad you learnt to swim well. As PArents, they always want the best for us. Atleast now my son enjoys going to the classes