Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Visit to Sinhagad

G keeps pestering me that I have not shown him around Pune, so this visit I had to rectify it. We decided to go on a one day trip to Sinhagad fort. I have gone there trekking during my college days but not recently.
For more details regarding the fort you can visit

We left home by 11 am, on the way we got held up in traffic as the Vice-President was travelling and our side of the road was blocked, we entered the gate to travel uphill, here the roads were very bad as construction is going on, finally at about 2pm we reached the top. There was a huge crowd there with small restaurants owners asking us to come and have lunch, we decided to walk and go on top before having lunch.

We had a nice lunch of pitla bhaat, vangi sabji, rice, curd, chaas

Then we decided to explore the are a little bit, saw the temples, the caves, the scenic views , had 4 kulfi worth 50/-(so xpensive) and then came back to our waiting car.

Finally we ended up eating some vada-pav/chai/corn chaat @Khadakwasla Dam while watching the beautiful sunset. Pictures of which I have posted here http://myendeavours.blogspot.com/2014/01/a-beautiful-sunset-khadakwasla-dam.html

Evening we went to the new Kalyan Jewellery Shop which opened up, kids got gold chains from grandpa whereas I got a diamond earring for myself.

Night we reached home late and eat at a hotel (food was not at all great and they took a long time serving us ) with sleeping children it was not a good option , went home and had a good night's sleep

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