Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Prompt Post

I am picking today's post from the prompt
Cooking – How much is cooking a part of your routine? Is it a nasty chore or an enjoyable one?

Till date I enjoy cooking. I never cooked much until I had to stay away from home, infact I never cooked at home, all I did was 1-2 exotic dishes at that time like veg spring rolls, some shahi curry, the normal dal - sambhar was never for me.
When I joined TCS_Mumbai I used to stay with rommies who did all the cooking, I either ate at ofc, week-ends I would be at home so no tension.
Even when I went onsite and we had this turns of cooking, I just did the normal dal or okra fry/cabbage fry etc, normally I would be eating at other ppl's place.

After marriage it was different, I had my own kitchen, my own oven, I always knew I was interested in cooking but never took interest till then.
I would read cooking blogs and try various dishes, till date I cannot cook sambhar.

I have tried all kinds of stuff from simple soups, starters, fish fries, pulav's, biryani, desert.

Even now when I know I have an ingredient at home I search for some new recipes that can be tried. That way even I am interested and even my family gets a change.

So again to re-iterate till date I love cooking, what about you?


Titaxy said...

I have a love hate relationship with cooking. day to day i can do nothing more than dal sabzi roti. but sometimes, rarely, i get the inclination to try something new and i do.

Horizon said...

@Titaxy--dal sabzi roti at times also seems so much. If I dont try new receipes I do get very bored.