Monday, January 13, 2014

On teaching Kids

Since R turned 3.5 yrs that is this summer I decided to teach him to read and write the basic alphabets. He learnt the phonics on his own (which I am very proud of) , so everyday I decided to just get him to write A-Z(capital/small) etc.
I strongly believe in not sending my kids to tuition as I think I can teach him at home. It is all about spending quality time with your kids blah blah were my thoughts initially....until the below happened...

So we started with basic alphabets each day till he can write everything.
Now since kids have this really ugly handwriting i wanted him to practise his writing to get him to do it neatly and there started the pain and frustration.

I would ask him to write A-Z and then we can go out to play. In my mind it is just a matter of minutes before he completes this and we are all set.
But ah-haa everything is not as easy as it looks, he will write 2 letters then fidget with the pencil, then walk around the house, ask some irrelevant questions, all the while I am fuming from inside.
Already half hour is passed, his play time is 7:30 - 9 pm(outside), the clock is nearly advancing 7:30 pm, I coax him to write fast as else all his friends will leave for home soon, but nothing gets into his head, he will then ask me for help, I will reluctantly help with 1-2 letters and ask him to complete the rest but again he will not sit still in 1 place and start playing with some toy or just not write, finally my patience runs out and I whack him hard, he cries, I feel bad, it is nearing 8, then I coax him some more and finally he manages to finish everything in his shitty handwriting which I choose to ignore.

If A-Z is so difficult how do I teach him as he grows up, now I understand why parents spend their kids to Tuition's :(

Any advice??

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