Thursday, January 09, 2014

India Vacation Week 3

Dec 11th - Dec 17th:
For week 1 & 2 go here:-

On Dec11th morning we woke up, brushed our teeth, had breakfast from the railway caterers(chole /batura and idli). Finally at 11:00 am we reached Pune station. Sis was waiting for us at the station. We had booked a car that took us home.
R was happy to see his grandparents, we took bath and then had lunch.
Evening 3:00 nephew P came and then he and R were busy opening up toys and playing. Evening G, myself and Daddy went for a walk, reached home had nite, had dinner and slept.
One incident took place, R&P were running all around the house and playing when suddenly P started crying loudly, he had banged his head against the wall, blood started oozing out and we immediately took him to the nearby clinic, thankfully he did not have to put stitches and just got a bandage that he had to clean everyday.

Next day woke up had bfast and then just idled away our time, evening after P came we went to a family friend's home , from there we went shopping, R got new clothes and me too.

Dec 13th: In the evening we decided to go to a nearby park, went to Aundh, had pani-poori's, did some more shopping for kids, was to go to a frnd's place but they were not at home, was getting late so we returned home, had dinner and slept

Dec 14th : We did the 1 day trip to Sinhagad. Details here:-
Initially Daddy said he is not coming, when R heard this, he immediately said,"Why, Appu is not coming, I will ask him to come" and this convinced my dad to go out with us.

Dec 15th: Evening we visited Sis in'laws place and then had dinner at my uncle's place.

Dec 16th: Monday we went for another trip to Aga Khan Palace and Shanivar wada(details to follow) , had lunch at Bamboo House and returned home.

Dec 1 7th" Time for us to leave Pune. Our flight to Cbe was at 2 pm. We got lunch in-flight which was not good, had a 3 hr halt at Blr and reached Cbe nite at 7:30pm.

R immediately bonded with grand-parents, relatives and other friends.
He even learnt few Hindi sentences in his 5 day stay.
It was great to eat Mom's home made food and be with family.

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soulsearchingdays said...

Hi Seema, I am amazed to see how you recall each and everything about the trip. I am sure you guys must be anxiously waiting to get back to India and meet your loved ones. Also, you are having a good going on the Blog Marathon, I have started it late.
all the best and take care