Thursday, January 16, 2014

Woh college ke din

The most fun I had in college was my last year of graduation. So much so that I wanted to do my PG's just so that I don't miss out on college life for 2 years but sadly those 2 years were a big duh.

Anyway in the last year's I had my 2 great school friends with me. We also got introduced to our juniors and formed a big gang. Together we had a lot of fun.
1 of the games we used to play was "Stop", so the minute whoever saw the person first would go "Stop" and that person had to freeze there at whatever position he/she was in. Then you could keep them like that for whatever time you wanted and then give them a time-out till next day noon, so only after next day noon can you Stop each other once again.

Now in that time the person is freezed you are free to do whatever you want! Oh, it was great fun!.

Another game we all liked to play was dumb-charades, we used to spend hours playing the game and eventually we got so good at it that the other person would just make one action and we would get the movie name, then followed a series of hi-fi's and hugs.

One of the guy from that group had a crush on me and one of them on my friend, so I got a lot of attention from these two as he wanted to know what would please my friend and we ended up being good friends.

We would reach college early in the morning by 7 am and be there till 5-6 pm, the minute we reached home we could not wait to get back to college.

We used to have lots of Chai and Wada-Pav's at the roadside tapri's and also we used to have Chicken Biryani at Zamu's(which was very famous at that time).
We got very limited pocket money and we used to just order 1 plate for say 4 of us and share the food.

Oh! Those Wonderful days and yaadein.

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