Saturday, January 18, 2014

Long Week-end and Work

So, we have a long week-end this week as Monday is a holiday but unfortunately due to my lack of time management I have wot work on the week-ends. There was some work that I was supposed to complete by Monday and I am not yet halfway through and it is all my fault.
I procastinated so much on that work even when I knew I should be working I kept reading some blogs or novels and now it is over my head to complete it.
I myself commited the date of Monday so I have to ensure that I take it to completion.

I hate having to work on week-ends. I hate having to open my laptop and concentrating and working. I hate it so very much.

I should utilize my time better, always I keep things for the last minute.

Like our morning rush to office, every day morning I spend 10 mins packing our tiffin when in fact I could have done it the previous night and save those precious 10 mins and get to office early but No! always the last minute Rush!

God help me!

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