Monday, January 27, 2014

The Languages We Speak

No, there is no hidden spiritual message behind this post, it is literally the languages we speak at home. Having an inter-caste marriage means a mix of languages.
I strongly believe my kid should understand and talk in his mother -tongue or in this case talk in father tongue fluently. I am not very keen on talking to my kid in English bcoz that is something that they very easily learn in schools and will be using their whole life.

So, I very strongly DO NOT converse with my kid in English, even when he asks in English I will tell I do not understand pls repeat in local language.

I am a Malayali married to a Tamilian

in bullet points: languages we speak
Me and G(hubby) -- Hindi
Me and R(son) --Malayalam
G and R - Tamil
ME and in-laws - Tamil
G and my parents - Hindi, English
R and in-laws --Tamil
R and my parents - Malayalam and Tamil, they talk in Malu, he replies in Tamil

Note: The idea to write this post came from a comment I saw on this blog.


Avada Kedavra said...

I appreciate what you are doing. I have seen many kids here who don't even know their own mother tongue, because even their parents speak in English. I feel it is essential for children to learn their mother tongue.

Horizon said...

@Avada Kedavra---Very true and kids pick up languges very fast.