Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Drinks Party

19th June 2009 (Friday nite) - Gopi came home from office and said that there was a drinks party at @412 tonite. My immediate thought was there would be Chicken for sure and I was definitely going to join. At 8:30 pm we both went upstairs. There admist drinking the guys related how when they were kids they would sneak alcohol in many innovative ways as it was not allowed at home.
This got me thinking on my own experience with drinks.

I remember early on as a kid(definitely in my 1st or 2nd std as we were in Khadki those days), mummy would make mutton and we got beer ocassionally. Dad allowed us to have a sip from his glass and the combo worked really well. After a few yrs when we moved to Dehuroad and had a Christian family as our neighbours, we always celebrated X'mas and Onam together as one family and oh yes- drinks were definitely there for elders. Now during those days when dad is your icon I always felt that my dad could do no wrong, so drinking was never a big issue for me and it only came during an ocassion. Whatever my dad had I had to have before him and so I always got the first sip from his glass before he drank, that is how I tasted varieties of whisky,rum, wine :)
One incident I remember was when one of my mom's cousins had come home, there was a bottle of whisky that he had got. Since dad was at office he asked me if I would give him comapny, well for me it was no big issue. Mom made chapati and chicken and I had a little to drink with him. When dad came I narrated the incident and dad was not happy. He said I was not to drink with anyone else, if I needed anything I should ask him.
That is when I realized drinking is not good like eating ice-creams.

In my 10th grade , after our board exams we all girls got together at one of our frnds house and had a little gin and vodka. They were new varieties to me.
I was always interested in tasting new things and so one day just before holi I decided I wanted to have bhang. Dad immediately made arrangements to get soem at home, but the minute I saw it and all the tales I had heard I got cold feet and tasted very very little of it.
I have tasted toddy in Kerala and tequila in the US.
The reason for writing this blog is because at home I was never stopped or restricted from drinking. My parents trusted me and always knew I would not do anything wrong.
Not that I am for drinking, I have seen enough evils of it which has saddened me in life.
But in a world where it is so open and you have kids always wanting to do something taboo is it not better to allow them and let good judgement prevail............

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Official Now- I'm Pregnant

June17th 2009: 16 weeks pregnant. or 3 months approx.

Gopi designed a card to let everyone know of the newcomers arrival all on my insistence :).
It was a very cute card and you know he designed it because of the 'I love dad' at the bottom.
Right now we r busy getting names for the new one.
Will be posting more.