Monday, April 19, 2010

Ritvik's Anna Prasannam

18th April 2010:
Today was my baby's Anna Prasannam, the first time he would be eating solid foods. The function was done at Maple Grove Hindu Temple at 1:00 pm. First there was a pooja for 30 mins and then we fed him the Anna Payasam, my babies first introduction to something other than milk :)
After that we had all our friends come home for lunch.
5 months into motherhood and it feels like a part of life which I would never want to miss.
To go back home after work and see my baby smile at me makes it all the more wonderful.
Gone are the days when sleep was one of the top priority. Nowadays my baby is my clock- i wake when he wakes and sleeps after he sleeps.
He is the one who directs my day-to-day need and I enjoy every moment of it.
At 5 months my baby is trying to crawl, he picks his butt and manages to go a little in the front but not completely, it will be pretty soon am sure :)
and then will start my endless runs behind him.