Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring Concert

If you remember my baby was the lead singer at his Winter Concert and so when the Spring Concert dates came out for their school I kept pestering him to know how many lead songs he was singing, but he shook his head and said None and a look which said--Don't bother me with more questions.

But being the mommy and all I tried again and again only to get killer stares and i though ok, this time may be someone else will do it.
2 days before the concert when I went to leave him, his teacher mentioned that they all were waiting for him as he had to practice the speech (Welcome and Thank You).
I was so happy, my baby giving the speech.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

La LA LAnd

So what is happening at our end? Lots and lots of stuff. We bought some land(agricultural purposes). So our group of friends decided to rent some land on lease for 3 months in this Mn weather and try to cultivate our own veggies/fruits etc. The idea materialized on Fri eve and we booked 3 sites. Sat morning went to HomeDepot and bought shovels/rake/seeds/watering can/seeds etc, the guys went to the land along with the kids and ploughed and shovelled their way around, planted seeds and returned by 8:30 pm.

Sun they went to farmers market and got lots of plants i.e tomato/eggplant/okra/strawberry/carrot/beetroot/onions etc again we went(I joined them too) at 4 and planted and cleaned in the poring rain and returned by 8:30 pm.

Next day they again went and bought more seeds and we went in the noon to do more planting and watering.

Lets see where we reach with this. Attaching pics

Before Pics

After Pics

Monday, May 18, 2015

MAA VolleyBall Womens Tournament Champions

So we won the Womens Volleyball Tournament that took place on 16th May (Saturday) at Applevalley, MN.
Our chances were good as we had practiced a lot for the match.
We had 4 teams against which we had to play the league. 2 of the teams we won easily but was a close one against the third team.
In teh league we were in the top and hence had to play against the 4th team, we very easily won against them and went to the Finals.
The finals opponenet was a team against whom we have practiced a few times and they all have improved a lot.
The first set we were in the lead and won agaisn tthem, in the second set we were 6-12 and then we had to play some really good game to close the gap and comeback and even take a lead and finally win.

It was a great match and a great day

Monday, May 11, 2015

10 months on May 9th

My darling is 10 months and she is standing on her own and even keeping 1 step forward by herself, soon she will be walking. Last Sunday we cut her hair and made her Motta, she looks like a mini don and I think this really suits her face.
She can blabber AAta, Aana, Akka, Amma and even make high pitch noises. Nowadays there is a lot of talking and expressing herselves, it is a joy to watch her, she loves listening to songs and even does some head banging on jazzy music.
Ever interested in our food, she has started eating fruits(oranges, blackberry,blueberry,grapes) but give her a banana and she will run miles away from you.
She also stopped taking milk in the bottle so either I have to wean my feedings and do them only at night, which is good as I can stop pumping in office(which is a huge relief)

She even got her first sterp thorat infection(poor baby was miserable for 2 nights)
She loves going out and playing in the swings, she will be lauging and enjoying.
Also she got 2 upper and lower teeth(which I may have mentioned before) but ther upper teeth has gap and ppl are telling it is very lucky.

She adores her brother and the minute she watches him, she will be squealign and jumping in delight Also nowadays there is a lot of taking his things and I have to make sure i distract her, all in all a joy to watch her.

Luv u my muttu kutty.                                                          

Now for the Real Birthday

My birthday was all about my dearest Riti, we woke up by 7:30 and I woke my princess too, she could not open her eyes so early but when I called out her name she would smile in her sleep, awwwwwwwwwwww

Finally we woke up by 7:30, a friend had come to cut her hair 3 times, this would be given to the temple and then her uncle came to shave her hair. I was worried she would cry but she sat quietly without any issues until all her hair was trimmed, then I gave her a bath, we had breakfast and then left for mall of America where we piereced her ears, from there we went to S.V Temple, we wanted to have lunch there but they were out fo rice so we stopped at davanni's and grabbed hoaggies and reached home by 2, I slept for a while while the in-laws started cooking for the evening party. I woke up by 3 and preapared the bhaji for pav-bhaji, meanwhile payasam was done, SIL was making medu wada , in-laws were cooking rice while both the kids slept.

Initially we wanted to keep the party in a park but there were rain warnings and so we decided to keep it home, on Sunday the weather looked good and we decided to keep it at Round Lake park. So we asked everyone to gather there by 6:30, packed food stuff, plates, cups etc , got the kids ready and reached there by 7:00pm. On the way it rained very heavily for 5-10 mins but luckily the rain stopped by the time we reached the park and we got out all the stuff while kids went to play at the nearby play ground.

Then we cut the cake and heated the pav bhaji/medu wada/chutney combo, had veg biryani with raita and then payasam. By that time it started gettign cold and we returned home. i then went around and gave cake and payasam to friends in the colony.

All in all, a day ended well..Pics coming soon.                  

Monday, May 04, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy wala birthday to me (yesterday).
3rd May Sunday we had already decided to get Riti's Mundan and ear piercing ceremony. Attached below is the invite.

Saturday morning we woke up by 7:15 as G went to Farmer's market, then at 9:30 me and Ritvik went for Pancake breakfast  at the Eden Prairie Community Center. Then we went to Home Depot as it was the 1st Saturday Workshop, they had it outside and it was very hot, from there we went for a bday party. At noon after he left for tamil School I did a bit of shopping and then came back home to apply oil, and take bath.
Evening we went for a photo shoot but Riti was hungry and sleepy and did not co-operate.
Then I went out to play Volleyball, night got a call from SIL to come to party hall, all friends had gathered and we had a cake cutting(yummy upside down pineapple cake baked by SIL), gifts and lot of gappa, was 10:30 by the time I came back home, then had dinner, played carrom and slept at 12:00 am.