Thursday, July 18, 2019

Shifting to a New Apartment

After living for more than a decade at Broadmoor Apartments, the management decided to renovate it leaving all of us scattering our brains on what to do next.
Many started searching apartments, homes and what-not and led to the final split of everyone leaving there to various other apartments near Eden Prairie.
We moved to Renew Apartments not because we liked it or what-not but for the kid, my boy.

It has been 2 months since we moved but still we do not feel like settled.

Immediately after moving we went on a trip to Florida which was super-fun.
We had a great time with family, after 10 days sister and nephew flew back to India. We then started with Volleyball,Cricket etc , had a camping trip on one of the week-ends.

July started with Dindu'd bday and then just hanging about at home.

We never missed BM till now as we were going there practically every evenings to play VB but last evening the net was taken down from there and that would be sort of a final closure to the place for us.