Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Never Have I Ever

Picked this from Visha's blog here This is my list of things that I did get done during this pandemic.
1) Sewed anything on a sewing machine. I was part of a PPE mission and volunteered to stitch masks. I was onboarded the Team, provided with a sewing m/c and lo and behold I was stitiching masks.
2) Made proper breakfast during week-days. It was always cereals and oats. But since mid-March once the kids were home we cooked proper breakfast for the entire year. My cereal and oats packets are lying in the pantry.
3) Eaten only home-made food for 6 months straight.
4) Got to drink wonderful tea made by my son. Credit goes to hubby for teaching him.
5) Stayed together as a family for 2.5 months straight with no other interactions.
6) Had to do home-schooling
7) Owned a home. Yes, we bought a new home in Summer of June 2020
8) Did Online Zoom classes for Fitness
9) Bought a bike fo rmyself and did a lot of biking
10) Started playing badminton in US
11) Taken time off from work to stay at home