Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Rainbow Story

So I have already mentioned about the Rainbow story here

Last Saturday we had invited friends over for dinner and hence Friday evening we had to go shopping.
We picked lil Ritvik from day-care and I told him we are going to bank and then to Rainbow (our supermarket) to get veggies.
It was a bright sunny day and when we reached the bank he asked, Amma, where is rainbow?
I replied, No No this is bank, after this we will go to Rainbow.
He looked up at the sky and asks "Why no rainbow up there, Amma"?
And since I wanted to explain to him how a rainbow is formed but not in a very scientific way I told him that
"Rainbows are formed only when we have rains and sunshine together"

Now he knows that Rainbow has seven colors because that is a game we play, repeating rainbow color, so the next question automatically is, "How the colors, Amma"?
"So baby, when the sunlight touches the raindrops it forms seven beautiful colors
in the sky, which we see as rainbow".

He nodded his head in understanding and we stepped inside the bank.

This is written in response to Tulika's My Science Story Blogfest 

First Birthday Card

First birthday card I made for a dear friend on her birthday. Loved the pink over the yellow. Colour really pops out. It was beautiful and glad she liked it too.

Note: My design is highly inspired from a very talented designer. Do visit her blogs at She has made some lovely cards

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing everyone a very happy Valentines day.
Pictures of cards my son made for his friends in daycare

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blog Giveaway

The Ribbon Girl is doing this Giveaway on her blog and to be a part of it you have to follow some basic insturcitons.

For more details go here:-

Won a copy of Preeti Shenoy's book

Preeti Shenoy the very famous author and blogger at - Just a Mother of Two
had recently launched her 4th book and as a result she was hosting a competition on her website.
A prompt would be put up on her site every Wednesday till the end of January and one lucky winner(chosen from a panel) would get a copy of her book.

Her prompts are very interesting and it always gives me and my unused brain cells the required motivation.So I took part and guess what I WON(Dancing with joy). You can read the results at the link below.

My posts also got special mentions and that really means a lot to me.
It was my dear friend Vincy who blogs here :-
 posted  a comment congratulating me. I could not believe and hence had to go to Preeti's site to confirm and yes I did win for Wishlist Wednesdays 6
Overjoyed, I was immediately going to post as my status on FB but then realized that seeing the word "Won" everyone in my friend's list would like without even realizing what it means to win a book of a person whom I highly lookup to or even what I wrote, hence refrained form doing that, instead I will just post it on my blog so that bloggers like you can read and appreciate.

P.S: I did receive the book in India, wondering when I can get it here (US)

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Wishlist Wednesdays --Last One

THis is the last in series for the Wishlist Wednesdays. More details can be seen at Preeti's blog here
Today's prompt is I wish I could be like_____________________ (name of person). This person is special because.............

I wish I could be like my Mother. This person is special because she is the most beautiful, selfless, energetic, enthusiastic person I have seen till date.
She is the eldest of all siblings and she has always made it a point to give back to her parents, brothers, sisters and thier kids. Whether it is monetary benefits that they required or new dresses,she would always provide it for them.

When my dad had his first heart-attack(20 yrs back, I don't even remember the incident clearly) she stood strongly by his side nurturing him back to health and being by his side even today. At that time she had 2 young girls to take care of (I was in the 4th std and my sister in the 8th). She would get us ready to go to school in the morning and then take dad's lunch to the hospital(which was 10 kms away and she had to travel by local train), return in the evening for us and again go back to give dinner and return at night.

She loves celebrating the little things in life and no matter what occassion it is we all celeberate it by going out for dinner or being together. This is done mostly by seeing her enthusiasm and to see the smile on her face. She also makes it a point to take lots of pictures to capture these moments.

In her little subtle ways she has taught me that it does nto matter what others think of us as long as we are true to oneself.
With her by my side I can face the entire world. Luv you mumma.


Friday, February 01, 2013

The 7x7x7x7 Writing Prompt

When Corinne from Everyday Gyaan suggested this creative exercise (details below), and when I saw it on Deepa's blog ,  I was tempted to join her!  Here's how the prompt works.

Grab the 7th book from your bookshelf. Open it up to Page 7. Pinpoint the 7th sentence on the page. Begin a poem that begins with that sentence and limit it in length to 7 lines. 

The 7th Book on a bookshelf in the my bookshelf is John Grisham's "The Confession" and the 7th sentence on the 7th page is "Happily married to Dana for ten years"
Happily married to Dana for ten years now
Father of 2 kids growing up so fast
Leaves me tender and mellow in the heart
Forces me to behave in my good samaritian ways
Makes me want to care and share
So that they can look behind
To remember a wonderful Dad!