Tuesday, January 15, 2019

English Writing

I had to track this here for future reference

Cruise Vacation to Bahamas

I have been ignoring the blog for long now and it feels sad. I should write down about our Cruise Trip to Bahamas. We , being we wanted to get on a vacation as we had valid visa and wanted it to be somewhere outside US.
After a lot of contemplating we finally booked a 4-night cruise trip to Bahamas via the Royal Carribean.
We wanted to surprise my son and so did not tell him anything, he overheard me booking flight tickets for my daughter and myself to Miami and so I told my kids we (me +Riti) were going to Miami and not the boys.
My little one was super excited while my son is happy to be here with his friends.
Finally we flew from here to Miami Sun noon(Dec 2nd 2019) and reached there by eve. We took a cab to the resort and it was late evening by the time we reached. We then got fresh and went for a quick stroll out and then went for dinner at a Mexican place. Walked back and took rest at the hotel.
Next day (Dec 3rd , 2019..Monday)the kids woke up and kept jumping all about the place. We got them ready and then went to the beach for sometime, had lunch and then drove to the boarding port by noon.
Our luggage was taken at the port and was told would be delivered at our room.
We were then asked to go in the boarding area where our passports, visas and tickets were checked.
We spent some time at the lounge area as hubby had some work.

Finally by 2:30 we went inside the ship, we first went to our room which was a small but spacious area, there was a small bathroom, beds, lot of storage area, a dresser, sofa bunk beds on top for the kids. We placed our baggage and then went to explore the ship, there was a lift to take you everywhere, a huge casino, a swimming pool on top , a golf area, kids play area, a vb court, table tennis boards and many many more. There was a safety drill at the beginning and then we were dispersed off, pretty soon we realized the ship had set sail and we did not even realize we were on a moving vessel.
Soon we were hungry and went to one of the cafes nearby, unlimited food and sweets at our dispose, we ate like crazy. There is also a day care center that took care of the kids, we got fresh and then by 7 we dropped the kids to the day care center and visited the casino. We had dinner reservations at 8:30, so we picked the kids and went there. Dinner was great with the waiter and helper paying every attention to what we need. As soon as they saw we were Indians we got chicken curry and specialized shrimp fried rice which we got on all the days we had dinner.
After a hearty meal we went to our room for the nite.

The next day (Dec 4th, 2019..Tuesday)we woke up late morning and went for break-fast, there was a multiple of things to feast on, the hubby went and registered for table tennis competition which he won ofcourse, so we had to get food for him. We then registered for a game of volleyball which we won winners and runners as we were in two different teams. The boy wanted to play much of tt which he did with other people plus he went on the rides and we all did the bungee jumping, the daughter was not allowed due to age limitations. We then went and had lunch and walked across to make reservations for some snorkeling on the port that we would visit the next day.
Me and the boy registered which father and daughter decided to opt out of snorkeling for the next day.
We again left the kids to the day care in the evening and went to the casino, picked them later and went to the pool and hot tub and then went for dinner which was another feast in waiting.

To be Continued...….


My Little One started Swimming Classes

My little one, so enjoys water, she wants to splash and be in water the whole time, since she is 4.5 now and does not have any activity we decided to enroll her in swimming classes.
We asked her if she wanted to go and she said, nope, i do not want to go for any swimming classes.
Anyway we being parents, we enrolled her in the Winter Session in Foss starting from Jan 2019, Wed 8:15 class.
Come Wed, she went to play with her friend and then at 7:30, I asked the other girl to go home as we had to go out. Now, i had told the other girl's mother we had swimming classes and so while leaving the girl mentions, Oh, Riti has to go for swimming class.
When my little one heard this she went down on the floor with her legs in the air and started howling out loud. I do not want to go swimming waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Big brother was on her side as usual and started questioning why we had enrolled her  when she was not interested.
We somehow got her ready and told her there would be lots of toys and if she's not happy we will come back soon and the whole family went for baby's first swimming lesson.
Since it is later in the evening she was the only one in her batch in L1. Baby went fast into the water and put her face in, drew bubbles, did back swimming on a noodle and everything that the teacher wanted her to do.
When the class was over she asks the teacher if she can stay for some more time in the water. :)

Next class she had a fever and we could not take her, let's see how the other classes go.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

40 new Things @40

I turned 40 this year and I am thinking I shd try and do 40 new things.
Let me list out a few
1)Started Tennis Class (in India, stopped now wish I could continue.)
2)Did Core Fitness (in India)
3)Started Mediation(trying to start)
4)Went to MOA to celebrate new years
5)Went for a movie alone in US (Andhadhun)
6)Went to a Bollywood Nite with girl friends.(Blue Fox@St Louis)
7)Went out with Volleyball Girls for drinks(1st time after playing together for 4 years)
8)Got my hair curled for Diwali Nite
9)Went for a Cruise Vacation
10)Went for a HolidayParty to a 9 round member's home
11)Danced with my son on Dandiya
12)Was up at nite with the girls putting Mehendi
13)Attended a funeral in US(sad moment)
14)Went to a dance pub(Downtown) with girlfriends
15)Had a nite-out at one of the empty apartments in our building with girlfriends.
16)Vacating an apartment, everyone has to move out as they are renovating
17)Started Cricket
18)Traveled to Disney with Family +Parents(Fun Time)
19)Did Warrior Dash for the first time
20) Stayed at home for over a month now(Quarantine Effect)
21) No outside food for over a month now(Quarantine Effect)
22) Did sewing for the first time. Volunteered to make some masks and required to get this from a friend and start sewing.
23) Did Meditation every night continuous for a month.
24) Had the whole family (kids + hubby) at home all time for 24/7. Enjoyed it so much
25)Did PolarPlunge for the first Time last year and followed up this year too.
26)Did workouts at home. 9 round(Quarantine Effect)
27)Became a school Teacher@home as Kids have Distance Learning 


2018 was a wonderful year with it's ups and downs.
To start with we were in India, having fun with cousins/parents/Dindu had to go to her play school and Ritvik went to his new school.
Celebrated Pongal at the farm in true traditional style.

February -The husband and son traveled back to US and we went for a short trip to Pune. Riti had fun with her veliamma, I got pampered as usual.

March--Came back to Coimbatore, went on a one day trip to Chennai  for Biometrics, also joined Tennis, going out for movies with cousins and having fun.

April-again short trip to Pune, visa got issued, passport collected and back to US
May- vacationing.
June-joined back to work , Dindu started daycare, playing a lot of volleyball, went camping
July--celebrated Dindu's bday with friends, she wants more and more bdays :) went out to Willow Farms, won the Summer VB Tournament, completed 200 workouts in 9 rounds and wrote my name on the wall.
Aug--celebrated hubby's birthday, attended india Fest , bday parties, housewarming parties, gave a surprise baby shower to a dear friend, celebrated our own Broadmoor Independence day, celebrated Onam and Raksha Bandhan
Sept--School started, more VB Tournament, watched movies .
Oct-watche dmovies, went for dandiya nite,did a mehendi nite at Broadmoor, kite festival at BM, attended Halloween party at BM
Nov--Diwali function at BM, Diwali get-together at Office,combined the Boys bday celebrations,more bdays,Thanksgiving family dinner.
Dec-Cruise Vacation  to Bahamas, more bday parties, Holiday party, new year at MOA