Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Never Have I Ever

Picked this from Visha's blog here This is my list of things that I did get done during this pandemic.
1) Sewed anything on a sewing machine. I was part of a PPE mission and volunteered to stitch masks. I was onboarded the Team, provided with a sewing m/c and lo and behold I was stitiching masks.
2) Made proper breakfast during week-days. It was always cereals and oats. But since mid-March once the kids were home we cooked proper breakfast for the entire year. My cereal and oats packets are lying in the pantry.
3) Eaten only home-made food for 6 months straight.
4) Got to drink wonderful tea made by my son. Credit goes to hubby for teaching him.
5) Stayed together as a family for 2.5 months straight with no other interactions.
6) Had to do home-schooling
7) Owned a home. Yes, we bought a new home in Summer of June 2020
8) Did Online Zoom classes for Fitness
9) Bought a bike fo rmyself and did a lot of biking
10) Started playing badminton in US
11) Taken time off from work to stay at home

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Stay at Home Order Dinners

Nov 13th 2020 --A second wave of lockdown in MN so this time decided to call friends for dinner(1-2 family at a time)

Nov 26th Thu - 2 Non-Veg family Dinner Menu:- Chicken Tandoori(baked in oven) --Appetizer Lobster Fry --Appetizer Mutton Curry Prawns curry Chapati Rice Salad
Nov 28th Sat - 1 Veg Family Dinner Menu:- Gopi Fry --Appetizer Puri Panner Capsicum Sabji Pindi Chana Chole Rice

Dec 6th Sun - 1 Non -Veg Family Gobi Fry --Appetizer Salad Mutton Curry Chicken Curry Prawns Curry Chapati Rice Raitha

Dec 12th Sat - 2 veg Family Sev Chaat - Appetizer Gobi Fry --Appetizer Paneer Capsicum Curry Chana Masala Chapati Jeera Fried Rice
Dec 18th Fri - 2 Veg , 1 NV Family Gobi Fry --Appetizer Salad Pita Bread Mutton Curry Rajma Curry Sevai Veg Fried Rice Custard

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Corona Updates --Week 4(Apr6-Apr10)

This week on wards Distance Learning was starting for us. Monday morning after my calls, made breakfast and woke up the kids by 10.
Once they were settled in, I sat with the little one to help her go through the videos and activities and with everything being New and all we really had a tough time. I had a shoulder and a backache with sitting with the little one watching videos and doing her activities and by 2, we were done with only 2, 4 more to go ...groan.
But over the days we have learnt and it is a much smoother process now.
The weather was not really great, so we ended up being at home most of the time except for one evening when we went to get some grocery.
The boy has his Piano lesson starting on Zoom and the little one already has her singing classes on Zoom.
She had a meeting with her teacher one of the days and she was pretty excited to talk to her.
The boy has his some friends on ipad and after his school work, he chats and plays games all the time.
For us it is pretty much the same routine in the evenings, workout, bath, cook dinner.
We did cook some gobi manchurian and had some panipuri over the week-end.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Corona Updates --Week 3(Mar30-Apr3)

The 3rd week into the Quarantine period. And this is Spring Week, so the kids were lazed out completely, they slept till 12, woke up, had breakfast, watched T.V, had lunch/snacks and generally had a great time.
Evening we got into a routine of doing family 9 rounds by 5ish. They also started live Zoom lessons which I joined the first 2 classes but then could not keep up to the time of 5pm and we wanted it on T.V , so as a family we did it at our own time.

We went to Riley park one day and since there was no one at the tennis courts we  whacked some tennis balls and generally got some fresh hour. One of the days we also went running around the block.

Chef Jr helped in Egg puff this week and also we played a lot of cards with the boy.
Did 10 mins meditation regularly
That was pretty much for this week, awaiting and dreading next week when Distance Learning will begin.

Monday, April 06, 2020

Corona Updates --Week 2(Mar23-Mar27)

Week 2: With the onset of the Week 2,I decided to things with kids a tad lightly. I decided to give then full access to TV/Ipad, so that they can do whatever they wanted till 5pm and I can do my work.
Ofcourse breakfast.lunch was  given on time :)

It was  a much more relaxful week. I woke up by 8:30 for my call and was done by 10.
The kids woke up after 10 - 10:30 and by that time I cooked breakfast.
Then they watched T.V whereas we went about doing our meetings/work etc.
Lunch was served between 2-3.
Work again till 5pm.
Then we all did our family 9 round workout for 30 mins which got us moving about.
2 days, the weather was really great and we drove to a park nearby which was practically empty and did some running around and playing with the ball.
Returned home to warm baths and tea and then it was nearly time to start cooking for dinner.
Night time watched T.V till way past our midnite.

Some of the things the boy helped in cooking..Matar Paneer/Tava Andha Sukha . Did not click any pics.
We also had panipuri one of the evenings.

I also started doing 10 min meditation from March onwards, it is with a group of friends who hold each other accountable. I am trying to make it a habit and get into a regular schedule

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Corona Updates --Week 1 (MAr 16-Mar22) 2020

The time of uncertainty. The life and freedom taken for granted has been snatched away from us in a way we never dreamt of.
The Corona which started somewhere in China has now spread all over the countries.
As a measure it is advised for all of us to stay at home, keep 6 feet distance from others, wash hands often, schools have been closed from 16th March onwards.
Week 1: 16th-22nd March:-
It was a new experience for us both to be working from home and for the kids to be at home also.
Trying to have activities for the kids, keeping them engaged plus managing work was very stressful.
All activities got converted online, 9 rounds workout was online too, so everyday by 5 ish we started the workout, then had tea, then took bath and by that time it was almost 7pm and it was time t cook for the next day.
Cooked dishes like normal pav bhaji, paneer pav-bhaji, mutton curry, banana bread, dosa and sambhar.
Taught Rivi to play rummy so that we can have one more company

Friday, January 24, 2020

Hawaii 2nd Visit: Part 4

Dec 13th 2019:
We woke up in the morning, refreshed and then tried to finish all the food that we had bought + water as these could not be taken on the flight. We then bid adieu to the valet drivers at the resort, clicked few pics and headed off to drop our Rental.
After a quick 30 min flight we were at Maui by 12:30. By the time we got our rental at Maui we were starving and hopped on to a nearby Panda Express for Lunch.
Our check-in time to the hotel was 4pm so we drove by stopping at various lookout places and finally reached our Honua Kai resort & Spa by 5pm.
On the way we topped at Walmart and got some grocery stuff.
It was a beautiful mini apartment like with a master bedroom, kitchen, living room, 2 additional rooms and a huge balcony.
After getting refreshed and sipping some coffee we decided to check-out the pool swimming pool. By this time it was 6pm and a cool breeze had started flowing about.
The kids jumped in an out of the hot-tub and swimming pool, we then went to a nearby strip and bought some fresh fish which I decided to fry and the hubby ad kids got Subway.
We returned back, fried some fish, eat it out in the balcony and then relaxed for the night.

The next day the daughter had a slight cold  and I wanted to avoid having her go in the beach, so we went to the resort and decided to book a Submarine tour. We drove to Lahaina harbor, there was a small boat which took us in the middle of the ocean where the submarine emerged and we all were oooh and aah about it. Finally we boarded the submarine and went nearly 300 ft under water, it was not all that bad as I expected, we did see a Tiger shark and we also saw a diver(which was a bonus).
After we docked back to the harbor we took some pictures under the huge Banyan tree which is the largest banyan tree in USA.
We then went to a nearby Indian restaurant and had some fish fry and tomato rice which was super good.
We then decided to go to the Nakalele blowhole, by the time we reached and parked the daughter was asleep, so me and Rivi decided to trek down. It was good exercise and the view was breath-taking. Blue skies and green oceans, it was picturesque.
We had promised the boy he could do some surf boarding and so we rented a surf board from near our resort and then went to a nearby beach. The father-son tried a lot but could not get the hang of it but the sunset view was beautiful.
After a lot of wave crashing, we returned back to the resort, got ready and went to a nearby place for some Mexican food.

This day we woke up early in the morning as we had booked a Snorkeling tour to Molokai Crater. Our reporting time was 6:30 , we drove to Maalalea harbor and boarded our sail ship--the Four Winds. They had complimentary breakfast and then we set sail, on the way over we saw some huge whales an the humpback whale season had just began. this is when whales from Alaska migrate to the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean to mate and give birth.
Finally after an hours drive we reached the Molokolai Crater where we got ready with our vests and fins. The boy and hubby jumped down, the daughter not so keen, though she did pad up in her vest, finally after much cajoling, she got into a see through boat and went with Dad for some coral viewing.  I too got comfortable after some time and we spent the 1 hr in the water. Finally it was time to get back on the boat- we all did do the water slide, which was fun except that the water was too salty. They had some good burgers out for lunch and then started our return journey to the shore.
Once we were back we returned the surf board and then decided to go a Falls which the hubby saw in TV. It was a long drive but when we neared the location it was just a view to the water fall and we really could not go near it. We decided to return back and on the way stopped at a much smaller, much more scenic waterfall. At one place we saw many cars parked and without knowing what it is we too stopped, turned out to be a bamboo forest. We took some pictures and then headed home.
Once back the rest of the family went to the ocean while I rested out in the bath-tub. For dinner we went to the famous Duke's Beach House and had some yummy seafood. We were so full we did not order dessert. Returned and slept peacefully the last nite at Hawaii.