Monday, November 14, 2016

Whirlwind of Week-end Activity

What a week-end!!! The Fri started with preparations for the older one's 7th birthday party. decided on a pool party, had send invitations previously for a 5-7pm birthday party. Was working till evening, then went and got the cake and picked the younger one from daycare. Dropped her at home and went down to hand few balloons at the pool area.
Kids started pouring in at 5, all started splashing in the water and had a really great time.
They would not come out, finally by 6:30 we got them out, did the cake cutting and had pizza and juice given out.
Then the kids went for their dance practice and we went for our VB practice. returned home by 9:30 and then I went for dance practice.

Nov12th: My baby boy's 7th birthday. Wishing you all the love and joy in this world, muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Had breakfast morning and then got the kids ready, went of rpractice, cooked dineer and then at 1:45 send out for our MDVT Tournament at Kennedy Center.
reached by 2:30, unfortunately the Boys were out in Quarter finals.
This time the Womens matches were conducted upstairs, we had the Leagues which we won against Dynamic Divas b and Set-sy, U will know it, we won both the matches and entered 2nd in the Gold category. Semi-finals were played against Bindass girls and we won it convincingly. The other boys team BM2 won the Bronze Finals. We all then went downstairs. There was a performance and then finally our Finals started against Go-Getters. we won the first set, the 2nd set we lost  but managed to comeback and win the 3rd set and the Finals.
We were the Women's Gold Cup Final Winners!
returned home and went to Greenmill for dinner as usual.

Nov13th: The much awaited Diwali function. Got everything done and ready by 4, then we started the programme by 5:40. this time we had a limited number of programs and that went great in a timely and orderly manner, our ladies dance was at last, all the kids danced well, bumble and his friends got a Once More , dinner was served by 7:45 and after that there was a lot of dancing and singing going around. All in all a well ended function.