Friday, January 16, 2015

And Mom leaves for India today

Today Jan 16th 2015 Mom leaves for India after being with us for 8 months. I am so thankful to God for giving me such beautiful and gr8 parents. They are my pillars of strength. They are the ones who made me what I am today. My mom basically did everything from taking care of the baby, the house, and all of us.
It was such a gr8 help to have her and we did have some really fun times together.

We went for walks along the park, went for some Women's Expo, went to the casino, went shopping and had a great time everywhere.

The whole family came in May. We went to parks, went to Wisconsin Dells and Chicago, we even did an overnight camping trip with me 8 months pregnant. The Sis and nephew left in 1st week of June, then it was only mom & dad. After bumshika's arrival mom was super busy with taking care of her and everything else. Then dad left on Oct 16th and we extended her stay for another 3 months. These few months passed so fast. She enjoyed Halloween, Diwali party, X'mas party, Secret Santa gift, X'pose girls party, New Year party andnow it is finally time to bid adieu to Eden Prairie and go back.

WIll miss u mommy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My dearest baby bumble

This saturday nite I had a womens mtg that I had to attend for the forthcoming Charity Event that we are planning.
Bumble was playing on his ipad, I told him and went for the party , came after an hr only for his dad to tell me that he was crying for u and I was like , really, Why? So strange....

The background, his dad asked him to change for his night clothes and when he went in to his room he same pictures (which I had just developed that day for mom to take to India)
he saw my picture and remembered me and missed me and started crying.

As soon as I entered he hugged me and when I asked what happened he said, i saw your picture and missed you Amma.

Perfect Awwwwww  moment.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

6 month milestone

Yayyy, we are halfway there. We completed 6 months on 9th Jan 2015 and we had our check-up the same day.
Bumshika weighed 19 lbs and 27cm in length.

today i.2 10th JAn she even started crawling forward. Till now she was pivoting on her stomach and mostly rolling and her back and front but from now on I have to be careful of all things as my lttle crawler is here.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Day 4: 2014 in Retrospect-first 2 months

So much happened in 2014 but sadly my blog does not reflect it entirely.
January: I managed to successfully complete a blog marathon, it was fun, it was rewarding and even though I knew that this year would be tough I signed up. I already missed one day but since there are no rules I will try to blog everyday. It will be a way of journaling everything.
Last year we had just returned from India and my first trimister ended on Jan 4th, before that I had to get the genetic testing for the baby done. Mid January I had an appointment with the doctor(1st time). I choose Katie Toft but she had to cancel that day and I did not want to reschedule as I had not yet met with a doctor hence I went with Terri Johnson.
I had my weight taken which was 157lbs, urine test and then waited for the doctor, she was a kind older lady, I discussed with her my options of normal vs c-sec as my 1st was a c-sec and I was inclining to do a normal this time.
She said I could certainly try but it was more likely that I would have a bigger baby this time it would not be easy and it was entirely my decision. In case I wanted to go forward with it I would have to change the clinic.
We enrolled Bumble in a new swimming school i.e Foss. Details are here.
I googled and cooked new receipes, had evening walks with friends in the party hall and let the month pass by.

February: This month I had my 20 week ultrasound where I could know the sex of the baby. I decided I did not want to know, as long as I had a healthy baby I did not care.
We had a ladies get together and though the invite was send to 30 ppl only 12 accepted and came, luckily the less turn out was great, we had some really good snacks and fun games. I was still going to work, cooking good food, having my walks with friends and njoying time with baby and hubby.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Day3: Christmas School Concert

On one of the days in November we got a letter stating there was to be a
school concert in Bumble's school on the 17th December. We were supposed to pick the kid by 4:30 and return at 6 pm.
Now my boy never talks about what he does at school, even though I keep asking him he will just reply in one liner and return to his playing.
One of the days when his dad went to pick him the piano teacher told him, "I am proud of your son", we dismissed it off.
Finally on the D-day I went and picked him up at 4:30 and then at 6pm we all (mom,dad,bumshika and amu) went for the concert. As soon as we entered we saw the Director whose first comment was , Oh! the best singer of the class has arrived. We all smiled and he went to his class while we went to the open are, some parents had come and we were waiting for others to come.

Finally at 6:30 the kids marched out and the concert began. It was a wonderful experience, the kids sang about 14 songs and Bumble was the lead singer in 2 songs, he sang beautifully  and I am so proud of my baby. We recordered the concert and I have watched it over and over again.

To think that he never told any thing at home, modest like us I think wink*wink*

After the concert we had snacks and interacted with the teachers who were teasing him and then we all returned home.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Day2: Feed My Starving Children - Volunteer Work

So the community I stay in i.e Broadmoor Apts all ladies were interested in volunteer work and someone came up with the idea of FMSC i.e Feed My Starving Children where we could go and pack food that would be send out to various parts of the world. It just involved 2 hrs of our time.
For more details you can go to
So  Sneha took the initiative of booking the slots and letting all of us know about it. We could take kids above 5 years and so I decided to take Bumble along. I told 2 from my side not sure whoch two of us would go with the kid. As Mom was here I wanted her to have this experience too...
The day before it was snowing a lot and so I asked G to go the following day but he refused tellign he will take care of Bumshika (my baby girl, new blog name) and asked us to leave.
I woke up at 7:30 , took bath, pumped milk , woke up Bumble who got ready in 5 mins as one of his friends was also coming with us.
We picked SIL and me, Mom, Bumble and the other kid left at 8:50, we reached there by 9:05, did the check-ins , we were given hairnet and they ahd a 15 min orientation session after which we were asked to wash our hands and go inside. There was some sitting volunteer work for which they wanted 8-10 volunteers and mom, SIL and some others went there. The rest of us went to the packing stations.

I must say that everythign was very neatly arranged, there were vitamins, frozen veggies, soy and rice to be packed. It was to be put thorugh a funnel using the spoons or cups into a bag held below the funnel. These bags were then measured to be between 380-400gms. Then they were sealed and packed into boxes. There were loud cheers and screams whenever a box was packed. The kids were involved in various activities helping the adults.

2.5 hours passed by very quickly. We had a 9-11 slot. By 10:40 they asked us to stop and clean up the place, then a small prayer was told and we again waited outside where a small story was told oh how the food helped kids all around the world.

104 of us packed 143 back which equalled to $6453.33 and could feed about 84 children for a year. After this we all returned home feeling very very happy.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Day1: Happy New Year 2015

Wishing all of you a very very Happy new year 2015

I had taken part in a blog marathon last year in the month of January and following the tradition Seema Abbas contacted me and asked if I wanted to do one this year too.
So even though my schedule is going to be super hectic I joined in the craziness. The link is here

Pls do join in if you are interested. It will be a fun ride.

Note: To think I was going to miss the 1st day itself. Just made it in time.

Will have some fun filled posts over the month.