Friday, April 27, 2012

Blast from the Past

This months topic among the group was suggested by Your's Truly :) and it was "To write a letter to your 20 year old self letting him/her know how you turned out to be" ofcourse a touch oh humour is always welcome.

So here goes my version of it.

My dear 20year old self,

I am indeed proud to tell you that even today, you are the cool- headed person you used to be, nothing much affects that thick skin of yours. You still leave everything to the last minute and believe that whatever happens, happens for the best.

Now for some blast from the plast

You should have really listened to Mom when she told you to keep your clothes and books neatly, if you would have done it then , you would have done it now. Unfortunately for your hubby, you still remain the messy kind, though nowadays I do see you making an effort to keep your room and kitchen tidy. And No, you still do not iron your clothes.

As for managing your home and cooking, you always were confident you could manage it when the time came and yes, you do! No complaints so far. You still like to try out new receipes and has not yet got bored of cooking.

Sadly, you did not have an arranged marriage like you hoped and not even to a Malu, infact it is to a guy with whom you converse in Hindi(so much for expecting to marry a guy with whom you would talk in Malayalam or English) and all that talks with friends about how we don't care how the guy looks, he should be able to talk good, your guy doesn't talk much but he does cook some awfully mouth-watering dishes and helps you with everything.That one-headed monster named Jealousy has not been showing its head for a long time and thats good. You have a baby boy and you love him a lot, I know how you were so Women oriented and against all boys but he's a darling!

You should have done your Masters in English like how Dad told you to because nowadays you are trying to see if there are Online Courses on Creative Writing(Irony of Life). But you wanted to do anything related to Computers to get a chance to come to USA and yes, that gets fulfilled. You came to US not once but couple of time, infact I am writing this in an office from this country. You did not have to waste time looking up those proposals where those Malu guys were in US because you know what, you made it on your own. Those big big companies like TCS, Infosys which initially took only Engineers considered taking associates with Masters and nowadays they take candidates with BSC degree, so you would have eventually made it there!

How you hated dancing and still remember Mommy having to coax you to take part in those yearly Onam functions, well guess what things CHANGE and how, you love dancing so much that while in Mumbai, you even enrolled for western dance class. Infact nowadays you are on the look-out of any opportunity to shake your leg or anybody else's for that matter.

Friends - You never did have any many girl-friends anyways, school friends with whom you are still in touch with and your 1 best friend, with whom you hardly talk all year what with she being in India and different time-zone and all but you both know you an just start a conversation when you meet.
As for guys , you always prided on being good friends with those few guys on whom you had crushes or vice-versa but let me tell you, that eventually you will end up stop talking to them because they still hit on you and it's really not very decent.

And yes, those pimples of yours does stop appearing after you turn 30+, so still a long way for you to live with them.

Some key accomplishments you did manage to make till now!
1) Come to US and travel to almost all major spots
2) Get parents to US
3) Get Married and have a baby
4) No longer skinny

I hope when you write a letter to your 40 year old self your accomplishments inlude more than this like working for an NGO, written a book, gone back to 140 pounds etc but till then Have Fun!After all you have only One Life!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Attached or Unattached Emotions

This April 27th will mark the completion of 1 complete year after Ritvik and me are together. We had send him to India for 6 months during the winter and it was last year April 27th 2011 that he returned back to us with his grandpa.
From the time, he was in India he was very much attached to my FIL, sleeping, eating, my FIL had to be there everytime and once he goes to him, he wouldn't go to anyone else.
FIL was going to be with us for a month and then fly back to India.

The transition period started immediately, Ritvik got friendly to us immediately but night times, he wanted to sleep with his grandpa. We slept in the bedroom whereas FIL slept in the front room, so middle of the nite, when Ritzu woke up and did not see his grandpa he would cry till either his grandpa came to him or he himself would walk out to the front-room. In the evenings he would play with us but the minute it was 8 he wanted his grandpa. Gopi was as usual tensed at how we would manage when his dad left. I was too tired from home and office work to think much and was not going to get worried over this and spoil my sleep. He was my son and he would cry for 1 week after FIL left but I knew I could manage then. G even once told me that I was not doing anything to help when baby cried at night. Well, what could I do, it is not like we are living in a 2 level house with FIL sleeping downstairs or something , he was just 5 steps away from us. I told G, once he leaves we will manage but he was not convinced. The attachment of Ritzu to his grandpa started getting more as the day approached for him to leave, G even suggested asking his Dad to sleep at a friends palce for 2 nights. I talked him out of it, did not know what that was going to achieve, Ritvik would only get more cranky after the 2 days.
The day before he left FIL got all upset as to how we would manage after he left, Ritvik would cry for him and no one would be there, there were tears in his eyes. I felt bad too  but I reassured him, that yes with all this attachment he would cry for 4-5 days but then he would be fine.

Finally the day arrived for FIL to leave, I asked G to take Ritvik to the airport and show him his grandpa leaving as it would be easy to explain when he would later cry or ask for him. They left him at 1 and returned home. I reached by 4 to see Ritvik playing with G(being his usual self), he played, eat his food, slept, did not wake up at night and early in the morning he did not walk out in the front room like he did for the past month but just played with us on the bed and continued his day.
He never once asked or cried for his grandpa, he just blended into life with us.

I felt sad for my FIL , did my son not care or did he understand so much at a young age. I am still amazed at how he did not ask for him even once after he left, but another feeling sunk in, maybe my son will be Happy wherever he is.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

And then I am this

13th April 2012:- Once again, we @Broadmoor decided to have a get-together to celebrate the Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali and Kerala New Year. Friday, April 13th was decided as the day for the dhamaka nite.
Recently when I went to India Ritvik had got a silk mundu,shirt and I could not see any occasion to put this on him until he outgrows it, so being one of the organizers for the event I insisted on a Fancy Dress Show for the kids.I could dress Ritzu as a Tamil/Malu groom(no need of purchasing any costume, no hard work, the devil in me grinned).We informed all parents only 10 days in advance and all were pretty enthusiastic about it. 
Being part of the  committee of three I was busy in getting food/games arrangements.

Four days before the event  one of the mommies asked what Ritvik was to become and I said ,"Aaaah..ummmmm..not decided"(I did not what to give his outfit out) and she suggested asking him for suggestions. Well, if I did that, i already knew the answer, I thought. SPIDERMAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, it would be. Anyway out of curiosity at night while putting him to sleep I did ask him and he replid, "Easter bunny,amma". Hmmm, if he wanted to become a Easter bunny, I could atleast try to get him a costume. Next day I googled on how to make a Easter bunny costume(am totally against buying a readymade costume), I did find one site but the whole process would take a week and involved stitching as well. While googling for this I did come upon a easy way of making a sheep costume. So evening the conversation goes like this to Ritvik.
"Easter bunny is difficult to make", what about a sheep?
"No amma, no sheep"
"But sheep is good, you could go onstage and say "Baa Baa, black Sheep"
"No amma"
"Ok, then what else can you become"
"Amma, man with the yellow hat" (For those who don't have toddlers, this is Curious George and his friend, the man with the yellow hat". Link is here.
Ahaaa, this was interesting and doable and different. (I also had my backup costume, in case this did not work out)
I was encouraged and said he would look great in it.
So again the next day I googled for the man with the yellow hat costume and again came upon some pretty interesting links. Since Ritvik did not have a yellow shirt/pant, I would have to get a white shirt and pant and dye it. He already had boots and a belt. I would have to make the hat and tie.
 I ran the idea by hubby who said it would be easier to just buy the hat or else go with the sheep costume.

 Next day morning I again tried convincing him to be a sheep but all the encouragement the previous night went to his head, he flatly refused.So Thursday morning I ran the idea by Sandhya and she said it was doable, so we went shopping@Micheals and got the yellow dye, the paper for cardboard, black felt, satin ribbon and glue.
Friday morning Sandhya started work on the hat and tie and it came out beautiful. Evening when he returned from day-care Ritzu was so excited to see the hat, he was even ready to take bath right away.
So, all of you who managed to read this post here is the The Man With The Yellow Hat and he did have a kutti George Monkey to accompany him.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Power Within Me

This month’s topic among the group was chosen as

“Given a chance, the power /sixth sense I would like to have & why.”

It does sound like a Beauty Pageant question and if I was a contestant my immediate answer would be world peace, Erradication of poverty, stop global warming etc.

Well, I am not participating in any contest and so I wanted to write about something which is much more practical. The answer came to me in one of my evening walks.

It so happened that 2 weeks back Minnesota which is know for its harsh winters had a beautiful weather on a Friday evening. The weather was perfect to go out to the park (when you have a toddler you don’t think beyond this). I picked Ritvik from the day care and eagerly awaited G to return from office to go out. G came, sat on the sofa with his cup of tea, said he had a head-ache and wanted some quite time. Soon after he got a call and immediately informed me that he was going out to play volley-ball. I was furious, here I was waiting for him so that all three of us could go out and he did not even bother. I think he understood my anger from my grumpy face and took Ritvik with him as well.

With baby & hubby gone, I decided to take a walk by the lake. There is a short route and a long route . I decided to take the long route and walk at such a slow pace that I would reach home only by 9 or maybe take 2 rounds and reach home even later. G would probably get a little tensed on not seeing me, I hoped. As I don’t carry a cell it is impossible to reach me, so I started my walk with all these evil intentions in my mind. I was halfway on the long route when I suddenly felt a little pain in my stomach. There was a bench few feet ahead and I took some rest there. Once I felt well I started walking and again that same feeling in my stomach, oh oh, it was then that I realized, what I was undergoing was Nature’s call, not to pee but to poop.

As soon as the realization hit I who intended to walk the slowest, walked the fastest that evening. The only prayer I kept repeating was God, please save me from any embarrassment. At one time I even thought of squatting in the bushes but this was not India and maybe someone would call 911 on seeing a butt naked lady in the bushes.I asked God to forgive me for my evil intentions to hurt G and the Power to Control. I literally ran past the stairs and dashed into the restroom.

This is a true incident and I immediately knew that I would want to have the Power to Control Nature’s Call.

I remember so many time in India when we would have to go to dirty/stenchy toilets, if only I had the Power I could always do it in my home.How many times have we drank so much water at lunch that in the meeting afterwards you want to pee so bad and crossing and uncrossing your legs also does not help.

Oh Lord! I would want the Power to Control Nature’s Call.