Saturday, December 19, 2020

Stay at Home Order Dinners

Nov 13th 2020 --A second wave of lockdown in MN so this time decided to call friends for dinner(1-2 family at a time)

Nov 26th Thu - 2 Non-Veg family Dinner Menu:- Chicken Tandoori(baked in oven) --Appetizer Lobster Fry --Appetizer Mutton Curry Prawns curry Chapati Rice Salad
Nov 28th Sat - 1 Veg Family Dinner Menu:- Gopi Fry --Appetizer Puri Panner Capsicum Sabji Pindi Chana Chole Rice

Dec 6th Sun - 1 Non -Veg Family Gobi Fry --Appetizer Salad Mutton Curry Chicken Curry Prawns Curry Chapati Rice Raitha

Dec 12th Sat - 2 veg Family Sev Chaat - Appetizer Gobi Fry --Appetizer Paneer Capsicum Curry Chana Masala Chapati Jeera Fried Rice
Dec 18th Fri - 2 Veg , 1 NV Family Gobi Fry --Appetizer Salad Pita Bread Mutton Curry Rajma Curry Sevai Veg Fried Rice Custard