Monday, November 14, 2016

Whirlwind of Week-end Activity

What a week-end!!! The Fri started with preparations for the older one's 7th birthday party. decided on a pool party, had send invitations previously for a 5-7pm birthday party. Was working till evening, then went and got the cake and picked the younger one from daycare. Dropped her at home and went down to hand few balloons at the pool area.
Kids started pouring in at 5, all started splashing in the water and had a really great time.
They would not come out, finally by 6:30 we got them out, did the cake cutting and had pizza and juice given out.
Then the kids went for their dance practice and we went for our VB practice. returned home by 9:30 and then I went for dance practice.

Nov12th: My baby boy's 7th birthday. Wishing you all the love and joy in this world, muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Had breakfast morning and then got the kids ready, went of rpractice, cooked dineer and then at 1:45 send out for our MDVT Tournament at Kennedy Center.
reached by 2:30, unfortunately the Boys were out in Quarter finals.
This time the Womens matches were conducted upstairs, we had the Leagues which we won against Dynamic Divas b and Set-sy, U will know it, we won both the matches and entered 2nd in the Gold category. Semi-finals were played against Bindass girls and we won it convincingly. The other boys team BM2 won the Bronze Finals. We all then went downstairs. There was a performance and then finally our Finals started against Go-Getters. we won the first set, the 2nd set we lost  but managed to comeback and win the 3rd set and the Finals.
We were the Women's Gold Cup Final Winners!
returned home and went to Greenmill for dinner as usual.

Nov13th: The much awaited Diwali function. Got everything done and ready by 4, then we started the programme by 5:40. this time we had a limited number of programs and that went great in a timely and orderly manner, our ladies dance was at last, all the kids danced well, bumble and his friends got a Once More , dinner was served by 7:45 and after that there was a lot of dancing and singing going around. All in all a well ended function.


Monday, September 26, 2016

The conversation at 3 Am

The other night myself, Bumble and Dindu were sleeping on the king size bed. Hubby conveniently went to the bunk bed as there was no space here anyway. Bumble @corner, Dindu and then me. In the middle of the night Bumble woke up and was very restless. I asked him a couple of times what happened, but he refused to talk and just kept making groaning sounds. After some time I realized , he maybe wanted to come near me and sleep but not being sure, was waiting for him to tell.
He then went to the bathroom and lay down on the ground for some time, I did not bother, then he came and started nudging me hard, I asked him to stop and when he did not I pushed him away.
At this he got upset and went in the front room. Next day morning was school and so after waiting for some time I went in the front room and calmly asked him "What he was up to"?
"You go away from this house, Amma", I do not need you. Okay, I said..come to sleep. No, you go away first..So I was reasoning on his behavior and then he accepted he wanted me to hug him and I said, You should have just told me but have to come and push me hard blah blah and he kept saying"I do not need you".. So I said Ok, from tomorrow I am not doing anything for you. "ok, Amma, I'll ask Appa to do it". And then I went inside and tried to sleep and cried out loud bcoz my baby boy did not want me anymore. After some time he came inside and just stood near the bed, then I woke up and extended my arms, he came in and we both hugged and slept together.
Phew! All this at 3 am in the morning. What drama!

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Sand Volleyball Gold and Silver Winners

Proud of the guys!!

My dearest Dindu

Yes, that is your nickname, just like how Anna is Bumble you are officially christened Dindu.
You are such a darling, I cannot wait each day to hug you back from day care and hear you chatter. The other day me and Appa were talking at dinner and you were Hush! Hush! No talking. It was so cute and we made a game out of it.
Anna and me have so much fun playing and looking at your antics.
Like how you take the toy phone and pretend to talk to your teacher, hello hello Kathleen.
how you repeat everything that is said to you, and nowadays how you give kissi.
the other day Anna was sleeping and you went near him and kissed him and hugged. oh My precious baby.

You are the joy in our world.
love you loads.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy 2nd birthday my baby Doll

My most precious thing in the world. Wishing you a very very happy 2nd birthday. It fells like yesterday when we went to the hospital and got you delivered and here 2 years later, you are all running, jumping, teasing everyone in your own unique ways.

There is more much more to write but I have to get back to work, just noting down that you had 2 birthday cakes and 2 parties to match your number and No it does not increase that way each year :)

A party in the morning with the apt kids and then a party in the evening at Round lake with a few friends.

All in all you had fun and we had fun watching you..

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Puerto Rico - Day 2

Day 2 : We woke up in the morning , had breakfast of bread and jam (which we had bought the previous day) got ready and then went to Old San Juan. I had heard that parking here is difficult, luckily we got a spot near the Old Fort and we set out to visit the cemetery at the bottom and then walked our way atop the fort.
Weather was cloudy and very pleasant, we took lots of pictures here, my baby boy being the photographer for a change. We also saw a very big iguana over here, it was the first of the many iguanas that we saw. After posing for a lot of pics and going around the fort we walked back to our car. We then drove to the Old San Juan town and wanted to find a place to park but unfortunately there was no parking space, we drove in 3-4 lanes and then decided instead of going around in circles to find a place little further. thus we drove out and found some cozy restaurants on the street side. luckily we got parking and we ordered our food and drinks. it was very breezy and windy and a glorious day to be out in the open. Kids were running around, while we had our food.

We were very relaxed and just spend a lot of time there, then we decided to visit a Kids museum in the town and drove back, but again parking was full and it was time for the museum to close, so we just drove back to our hotel and rested. Dinner we eat some rice mixed with tomato chutney that I had packed. We had a Bioluminiscence tour planned for the nite. it was a 1 hr drive , so we left by 6:30 and reached the place by 7:30 pm. Our tour(mine and Ritvik) was at 8:30 pm. We were all taken in a boat and we would drive through the mangroves to the Bioluminiscence Bay. It was pitch dark and we saw a lot of Iguanas on the trees, there were a lot of kayaks that were also going through. Our guide Mario gave us a good talking tour all the while and he and Ritvik became good friends. Once we reached the Bay, if we put our hands in the water it would glow, it was because of a special kind of bacteria there which emitted light on contact. We were there for quite some time and then returned back where my dear baby and hubby were waiting. it was 10 pm by then and we drove back to our hotel.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Welcome to Puerto Rico - Dec 10th 2015

Was I excited? Was I nervous? Was I biting my nails ? Not really..I did not even have time to think or plan about the trip. What with MIL leaving and me deciding to WFH for 2 months with a toddler, days have been super busy. I just decided in mid - August that we needed a family vacation. Since most of US is covered I needed a destination that was not in US and did not need visa checking, so Puerto Rico it was. Flight tickets were booked and then I asked G to do the hotel bookings. The only thing I booked in advance was the Bio Bay as someone said it gets sold out pretty quick.

We had a 7 am flight to catch(Sun Country) and since it is considered an International Destination we had to reach there 2 hrs ahead. I got up at 4 am, got ready woke the kids by 4:30 am, got both dressed and we were out by 5, both the kids were wide awake and ready for the trip. We reached the airport by 5:30 am, did the check-in's , went through the Security Checks and were in the flight by 6:50 am. The first leg a 3 hr flight was till Ft Meyers, FL. As soon as the flight departed we all slept for an hour, when we woke up the beverage service was on, after having juices, soon it was time to reach Florida. We were asked to stay in the flight itself, we had palak paneer and chapatti(which I had packed), the it was a 2 hr flight to San Juan, luckily Baby girl R slept again and it was an easy flight till there. While landing we saw the beautiful oceans from the flight and it was a beautiful scene.

We reached San Juan by 2:00 EST time. We then went to the Rental and got our car, the climate was hot, our jackets were off. We then went to the hotel Villa del Sol which was very near to the Rental Car Office. The hotel was colorful ,w e were in the 2nd floor and there was a courtyard which was good as the kid could run out and play. After freshing we went for a stroll outside and to have dinner, we chose El Café restaurant and I had the famous Mofongo(Shrimp) but sadly it did not taste good at all, we ended up with having Tres Leche cake as dessert, we then walked around and went to Walgreens to get some other essential stuff like milk, bread....

Ritvik was all ready to go back home to his friends and was all the time asking when we will return, he convinced his Dad to get him a lego set, we then went to the hotel and were lazing around on the courtyard. After some time Ritvik started crying saying he was missing his friends and wanted to go back, I then gave him a big lecture on spending time with family blah blah and when I told him we will go after 5 days, he was like 5 days, that is too much, can we go back in 2.
All said and done we were all tired with our flight journey and went to sleep for the night.