Friday, September 29, 2017

From a time long gone by

This happened in 2008 when a few months after marriage Gopi went to GE, Eden Prairie , MN, USA and I was out of project with a stamped l1 visa and searching for projects in the same location.
I got an onsite opportunity at Milwaukee for 4 weeks, initially I refused but since it was 4 weeks and a chance to come to US I compiled.
I got accomodations with Sribala..she was living in a 2BHK alone and preferred it that way but since she was going to India on vacation and I was there just for 4 weeks she agreed for me to stay with her.
I reached US, Chicago on Aug 3rd 2008, G came to pick me up, since the connecting flight was next day I got a complimentary stay from the airlines. We had some dinner and went to the restaurant and I slept. It was hubby's bday but I was damn tired after my long journey.
Next day instead of taking my flight  we drove to Milwaukee, G dropped me at the apt and left.
Next day to travel to ofc my roomie arranged for a guy some sardar(forgot his name) to pick me.

My manager was Henash Patel. He wanted me up to speed immediately. It was a hectic time for the first 2 weeks just getting to know the project, understanding the problem, I was full time working even at home. By the end of the 2 weeks I could deliver a solution which fixed a major part of their problem and it was a big win for me. That week-end I relaxed and went for a movie with the roomie to Kismet Konnection. By then we also got friendly and we went for a Milwaukee Fair with her friends. The next 2 weeks went by fast but less work, we girls went for a bowling nite and celebrated few friend's birthdays and had a great time.

The sardar was good, I told him I'll pay for my share of fuel for the month but he refused and so I just took him out for lunch.
In the cafeteria there was a helper(black) who hit on me big time. Whenever I went down he would ask me my # and out for a date. I even stopped going downstairs. One day (later) when I went and was filling water he came near me with a glass on the pretext of filling water and said that the management had complained as he was talking to me and he still kept pestering for my # to take me out. I hurriedly left form there.
Last week I had an interview with ShopNBC, Eden Prairie and my next assignment was there and so I left from Milwaukee aug end, G came to pick me, we drove to Chicago and then to Eden prairie.

What triggered this was old pictures that I saw.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Omaha Travels - Part1

I landed in Omaha on Sept5th, 2017. My joining date was on the 6th Sept but as I had already booked my tickets for an exorbitant price I went ahead and came here on an early Tuesday morning flight. My flight was at 7:10 am in the morning. I reached the airport at 6:15am. Due to the long week-end there was a huge line  that went a long way away from the Security Checkpoint. Within 15 mins we reached at the beginning of the checkpoint and after another 10 minutes I was done with my Security Check.The boarding gate was at some other corner and I ran all the way till I got to the gate, thankfully the door was not closed and I boarded the flight. It is a short flight duration and I reached by 8:30.
My colleague had come to pick me and we went to the U.S Sogeti office. I was very depressed and wanted to go back immediately. We came to the client's place for a 1 hr meeting and then went back. We went to Qudoba and I had some Shrimp tacos, we then went back to Sogeti office and was looking for accommodation and working on some accomodations. I was not finding any place and at last with my colleague's help I got a temp acco with 5 other girls.
I went to the apt, washed my face and then me and my colleague went out for a walk.
Next day we reached office by 8. it would still be time before we got our badge and laptop etc, I wanted to go back immediately, I asked Gopi to rent a car. At the apt also I did not eat anything much, at ofc I had lunch from out.
Wed, Thu same routine of ofc to home and back. Fri, I asked for permission and left at 12:30.
 Drove for 5.5 hrs and reached home by 7.lazed at home. Sat went for fishing, did not catch anything, Sun, did laundry and then it was time to leave, drove back to Omaha.

Next week pretty much followed the same routine, 2 days played Sand Volleyball with the guys, then I got a throat infection which got pretty bad on Wed and Thu it got little better and Fri is always good as I was flying home.
Reached home by 6pm, played Vb, next day went to Costco and eve we went to India Spice.Sunday we went to Cub foods and then I packed my stuff and slept for the early morning flight at 7:10 am.
This time there was less rush and I was at the boarding gate by 6:50.
Oh, the roomies did not want me to use their stuff so I got chapatti atta, dosa mav , banana,salt,and some more eatables.

This week I went to Walmart and bought milk and eggs and did a little cooking, made some chapatis, some kale sabji, omlette etc, One day I even made dosa for myself and the roomies.
Fri again traveled back home, played VB, Sat went to Costco and Cubfoods, wanted to go out to Don Pablos but it is CLOSED.Sob Sob. So we went to Potbelly and also went fishing, caught 3 fishes.
Sunday again we went fishing and caught 2 fishes, played VB, packed my back and caught the early morning flight back to Omaha.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Job Changes

Mu current project that I was in for 6.5 years ended on 16th June 2017. I had a happy hour and couple of lunches with friends and then back at home. Market was really really down and I barely got any interview calls. I rested at home doing my 9 round and spending time with family and playing VB. In July a friend asked if I wanted to take part in a dance for the India fest programme. I readily said yes as I had nothing much going on. Practices started, everyday from 6-7am..We had a audition on the 15th July. 1 week prior to that the dance choreographer got an ankle sprain, she was telling she will dance directly on audition. On the day of the audition 1 another girls daughter got sick and she could not make it.
We 5 went and gave the performance and also told the judges abt the 1 participant not coming, they were okay with it.
Then we had our dress rehersal on 5th Aug.1 week later I sprained my ankle very bad while playing VB. The pain and swelling was very bad. I skipped practice for some day but tried to make it 3-4 days before the dress rehersal. Finally on 5th we all gave the dress rehearsal together. On 6th Aug was our Sand Volleyball tournament, we lost in the Finals, the guys won though...
On Aug 19th was our grand performance I already put the pics up in a previous post.

Then a week later I got this job interview for a project in Omaha, NE.It was supposed to be a project initially at client's place and then WFH for which I agreed. I got the job but later it looked like they wanted the candidate to be Local.
I was almost going to say NO and then changed my mind and took it up for  a 6 month commitment.
I moved to Omaha, NE on 5th Sept for job purposes and travelling every week to MN.
Will write a separate post about my time in Omaha.