Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Lunch Week 2 Planner

Already 3 days , so gonna list what I send and what I will send
Day 1: Bread Jam with Black berries
Day 2: Brocolli Paratha with Raita
Day 3: Grilled Cheese Veg Sandwich with ketchup and Angel Food Cake
Day 4: Idli/Chutney with Mango
Day 5: Curd Rice with Blackberries

She very clearly mentioned she does not want omlette...

Monday, June 04, 2018

Lunch Menu Week 1 Planner

Put our precious one into Montessori as I started work Yaaaaaay.
Downside is that I have to give her lunch everyday, so I am planning ahead as that would make the task much much easier.

Mon-Idli/Chutney and Grapes
Tue - Mini Pancakes with Honey and Strawberries
Wed - Paratha(paneer/brocolli) with Raita and Grapes
Updated: Send omlette+Chapati which she did not like
Thu - Bread and Jam with Yoghurt
Fri - Rice/Curd with Fig Bar

Shd put up pics too!

Back to US

Finally after 4.5 months me and the daughter are back to US.
On the 100th day when again all hopes were lost I got an email to send my updated petition and LCA, after submitting those in 2 days time I got an email to submit my passport.
I traveled all the way to Kochi and submitted my passport at the drop-box location.
Next day flew again to Pune , meanwhile passport was collected here on Apr 14th By FIL.
We flew back on Apr 19th.