Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The "Just Married, Please Excuse " Contest

This is my entry to the 'Just Married, Please Excuse' Contest.
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Me & G got only a 2 week vacation for our wedding. Those 2 weeks went by in a haze with visitng relatives, temples etc. Before we knew it we were back in Mumbai.
Since we both have no relatives in Mumbai it is only us staying in a rented apartment.

We decided to take a long week-end honeymoon to Goa (that being the nearest destination). Our train tickets were booked for January 26th(National Holiday). Since the train was to depart at dawn we reached Dadar station by the last train from Borivali which was sometime at midnite. With just both of us there we idled away time by chatting, watching passerby's.
Sometime later I felt the urge to pee. Since I did not want to use the railway toilet and there was an empty passenger train waiting on the platform we were sitting I decided to use it. G went to get some water and I went in the train. As soon as I entered the loo I felt a slight jerk, since I was midway I couldn't stop my business and had to complete it, after which they tying of the nada on the salwar took some time and soon I realized the train was in motion.
I quickly came near the door to see the train leaving the platform, I have my fears of jumping from a moving train(however slow) and just froze. G was no-where to be seen. Thankfully for me the train was just being taken to the shed. I had to walk back all the way to the platform.
For G it was another story when he came back and saw the train moving away. He had fears of honeymooning alone and ran behind the train to rescue his wife(so he says).

We still laugh about this incident when we recite it to others.

The story does not end here. We were waiting for the train to get in an get some rest and do some cootchycooing enroute to Goa. Before long our train arrived, the door to almost all the  berths was closed from inside. We(along with other passengers) were frantic, running across trying the handles of the doors, no one opened. Soon a TicketChecker walked by , on telling him our plight he just shook his head and walked by.
Soon we found one door opened and squeezed in, the train was packed, so much that there was no place to keep even a single step.
 Someone later mentioned that on National Holidays one can travel free on trains, I do not know how true it is but it is certainly a bad day for honeymooners.

There was not even an inch to turn around, even the bathrooms were packed with people(I silently thanked God that I had gone earlier).We somehow pushed and squeezed and I am not sure how many men I brushed against or held hands to be pulled through one inch of space. Finally we reached our seats which was occupied by 5 people, after showing them our tickets we managed to get seats to sit. It was next day at 10 or 11 at some station where 80% of this crowd got out.  Soon our station too came and we gladly got out of the train and to the hotel for some rest.

We still remember this incident when people talk about their honey-moon.

This post is dedicated to Nancy from Reflections.
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