Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More on my Baby's Swimming

So you all remember the post that I wrote here about enrolling my baby into a new swimming class. He was put in Little 1 which is the basic level that they start for 3 -5 yr olds. Now it so happened that he was the only 1 guy in his class and it was more like a private session with full 30 mins dedicated to my baby. He was happy to get into water but even after 2 sessions refused to put his face in the water.

In 1 session the instructor spend 25 mins asking him to put his face in and he kept saying 'No', the instructor then asked his to do some practise at home, in the tub. I did not insist but R himself started practicing in the water. Since we joined late it was time for his assessment and they asked us to enroll him in Level 1 again as he was not comfortable putting his face inside. The next class onwards somehow he himself started puttign his face in the water without any coaxing from the instructor and from then on the classes went smoothly. Finally the last day of the session the instructor asked us to enroll in Level 2 for the next session as he was comfortable with water.

For the spring session we enrolled him in the Level 2. He was still interested to get into the water and wa always first in trying out things but he was still not comfortable swimming alone, also he would put his face int he water and then quickly come on top to see if he has reached the end. I asked G to take him swimming in our apt complex a couple of times for him to get comfortable but he was too busy. Finally it was assessement week and sadly baby came down with Strep and missed the Monday class, however we went on Wednesday and they were doing the assessments of other kids, so I asked to do his too. They are 4 little boys in their class and it was very clear to see 2 of them doing well and 2 including my baby who were not comfortable doing alone or back swimming. She recommended Level 2 again and asked me to get him assessed in his Monday batch as that was his normal swimming class.

These swimming class really cost a lot of money and repeating same level is somethign we are not very keen on so I decided to get him some practise in out apt swimming pool as the only thing missing was his confidence. Thu evening we went for practise. I could clearly see him being scared to let go off me, I pateintly asked him to swim 5 feet and put his face in the water the whole time and other techniques that are taught in the swim lessons. Fri again we went to the pool and this time he did manage to swim 10 seconds alone. Sat, I send him with his dad for some practise.

Monday evening I just asked him to do well, it was okay if he got repeated in the same Level. I told his teacher to assess him and to my utter amazement my baby was doing everything perfectly, he swam alone, he put his face in the water all the time, back floated, flipped perfectly. At the end of the class i was told he was ready to go to Level 3.
Yippee, my practise did pay off :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

How we told parents the BIG NEWS!

After reaching India we were jet lagged so most of the time we were sleeping and what with visa interviews, was more in tension about that. MIL and FIL kept giving papaya's and pineapples which I had to refuse and they would keep telling me to eat it. Finally me and hubby went to Chennai for Visa interview, even there we walked for 3-4 hrs and had junk food more worried about the visa interview outcome. After a desirous outfit and reaching home we slept peacefully after a long time.
The next day I told hubby to tell his Mom but he called me and took me also to the kitchen where she was cooking. It was pretty akward I was thinking, I should have done it over phone(that would have been easy). Finally I told her that I missed my periods so maybe I was pregnant and we wanted to go to the doctor to check and confirm. She asked if we wanted the baby(that was a surprise qtn from her). I said Yes and she said okay, and then called some relative to check which doctor to go and what is the process.

The next day me, hubby and baby R went to the hospital and paid Rs 20 for an appointment. Now it so happened that on that very same day one of G's cousin delivered a baby girl and so all his relatives were already present there. When we went they assumed that we are there to meet her but we said 'No, we want to meet the gynaec' and the ladies immediately understood and congratulated us. We met the doctor and it was a very brief visit, she asked if I had done a pregnancy test, i said yes, she then said --You are 8 weeks , so take your prenatal and then come back at 12 weeks for the ultrasound etc. That was it , nothing else to be done. I still was not sure If there is a baby in my tummy and so I asked if she can do an ultrasound, she mentioned..if you want to go ahead and asked me to go to the other ward. Now this was near to the labor room and so we saw more relatives and thus everyone came to know our news!
This ward had ladies Only, I was sad because I wanted to show my baby the tummy baby, i thought I'll ge thim when they start the ultrasound but I kept waiting and waiting in the room for the ultrasound tech to come.

Meanwhile outside in the waiting area, since I was not out for quite a long time R baby kept askign his dad--Where is Mom? and Daddy dear spilled the beans and told him --that mommy is having a baby in her tummy and gone for check-up. His expression was something I missed but the questions--Really? Amma , tummy il baby irrukhada, for real ......

I was bored and tired of waiting and went outside and got my baby inside thinking when the ultrasound tech will come, will plead her to let him stay. There were some other nurses in the room(Malu's) and I asked them if it's okay to have R in. they said, they normally do not allow children as it is a infectious area. With a heavy heart I left him back outside with his Dad. It was nearing 2 hrs wait and I was really pissed and decided to just go away, when the initial nurse came in and was surprised that the ultrasound tech was not yet in, she said she will do the scan herself. She did the scan and showed me the baby and then asked--Where is your husband? I did not see him outside, he can come in too. I was overjoyed, I ran without chappals outside and got hubby and baby in the room.
She again scanned and showed them and I showed R the baby(not that he could understand much), he kept staring at my tummy instead of looking at the monitor. As soon as he reached home he announced to my in -laws--"My Amma has got a baby in her tummy"
Evening i called my parents and he was the one who announced to my mom, she was surprised and pleased. Then to whoever came or on phone he would say--My amma got a baby in her tummy :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Talks

Me and R are playing the word game where in you have to tell a word from an alphabet and the enx tperson has to tell from it's ending alphabet.

So for ex: If I say Apple R has to say a word from E

This went on for some time until he got T, we had already told some common T words, so after thinking for sometime R says T for 'Theek Hain' Amma.

I couldn't stop laughing.

R now clearly understands the difference between languages, he can differentiate between Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and ofcourse English.

The other day he was talking to his aunt and after talking for some time he got bored and
says "you talk in Hindi', she does not know Hindi so she told him to tell something

So he says--Tumhara naam kya hain? to which she replies--Mera naam XXXX

Immediately this boy corrects her--Mera naam XXXX hain.


Friday, April 18, 2014

More Pregnancy News!

More pregnancy news: I cleared my 1 hr GLocuse test, so that tension is out of the way.
We were planning to have a 2nd one after the summer of 2013 and decided to try in Aug 2013. Now since the 1st one was as we planned me and hubby though it will happen when we decide. So aug end I was all set with my pregnancy kit and I got a -ve result. I was dumbfounded and so was hubby, tried again next month and this time before I could test I got my periods.

Then I decided not to get tensed and think about it, it will happen when it has to else I have my one and only. Next month I was busy with Diwali celebrations, dance practises and other activities. My periods were late and I sort of guessed I may be pregnant, decided to have the pregnancy test on 10th Nov 2013 and saw the wonderful 2 pink lines.
Immediately told hubby but we did not tell back home and decided to let them know when we got to India. We were travelling to India on the 27th Nov and till then everything was just like normal. I had no pregnancy symptons so days were just like usual except that I started taking my pre-natal tablets. I was a little worried about the long plane trip but I was as good as normal, hubby was not worried at all, infact he behaved as though nothing new with us. I had not yet told my baby boy who kept on asking me for another baby.

What happened after we reached India and how we told parents in the next post......

Thursday, April 17, 2014


So I wanted to do this earlier on the blog but somehow never got to it.
SO here it comes

Another joy to behold

In our family of gold

My baby boy will soon be

promoted to being a big Brother

I am 28 weeks and due date is 12th July 2014. As of today I weigh 182 lbs. Last month I gained 10 lbs which was a huge leap what with eating buttered food products, fried items etc. I have tried to keep things at a minimum and trying to walk daily. I also had my glucose test this check-up, stillw aiting on the test(Hope it all goes well)   Heamoglobin was less just a little low from the margin 10.8 when 11 is the normal. I have yet not been advised to eat iron tablets.   I do not know what gender my baby is as I decided to keep it a surprise and not check in my 20th week ultrasound. Just want a healthy baby   So more pregnancy news will follow in the coming posts.

Monday, April 14, 2014

On New Receipes and TV Shows

Last week I got these dinner rolls from Costco(Pav) as referred in India. Friday evening , I made hot yummy Vada-Pav , assembled the vada, chutneys with the pav and had them with evening tea. Night went to casino and gambled away winning a little profit.

Saturday just stayed at homeand did nothing major, night again went to casino and lost some money.

Sunday I made pav bhaji after a really long time. In the Mystic Lake caino they were hosting the Family Fued Show Live(sort of the same concept as that comes on TV)
Since we got free tickets we eagerly went there. Whole winter I watched this show on TV and was excited to get there. the show started at 7 and lasted for 2 hrs, even though we did not win any prizes we had a really great time.

Monday, April 07, 2014

On Birthdays and Winning Matches

Saturday was a very hectic day for me. G left early in the morning for his VB match.
Me and R woke up at 8:30, I washed the dishes and made pancakes for breakfast. Once we were done R went for potty and bath and in the meantime I made some gavar ka sabji.
We both got ready to go t HomeDepot. Since it is the 1st Saturday they have a Kids Workshop. Me along with my friend and her 2 kids drove to Home Depot and had a great tiem making a bird feeder, we also got to see some of their exotic bird collection that they had got.
After returning R went to play with the kids where as I went ofr some walking.
At 1:30 I went to get him but ended up eating lunch at friend's place and R eat his lunch at another friend's place.
We reached home by 2:15 and got ready to go for the birthday party. Since it was great weather and the party was nearby we walked. R had a gr8 time running around with his friends but I got quite bored as it was his daycare friend's birthday and I did not know anyone.

After returning me and other friends decided to go to watch the match as our guys had reached the finals. We drope 25 mins over there only to be informed that the finals will be held near to our place as the Community center they had booked was closing.
We returned to the Champions Hall by 7:30. Finals started after 8, oh! it was a thrilling match. We won the  1st set, the other team won the 2nd set and it was a close finish in the 3rd set which our team WON.

Hi-fi and Congratulations all over!
We attended the award ceremony and then all of us went for dinner at Green mill. By the time we reached home and went to bed it was 11:30

All in all a great day