Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Through the Eyes of Innocence

Ritvik, get dressed up, I screamed from the kitchen as the hot oil sizzled and spluttered in the kadai. I was preparing my 4 yr's old special demand of lady's finger sabzi and roti while he was still dancing to the tunes of kolaveri di...
Once done with the cooking I walked to his room to get him dressed, Ritvik, dear , get dressed up quickly, else we'll be late for the dance competition.

His school was holding a dance competition titled "Beyond the Stars". It had 3 categories for the Lower School divided based on thier ages the Novice (4-6), The Petit (6-8) and The Junior (8-10). The school had send a flyer out 3 months back. All 50 kids in Ritvik's class was asked to dance on some music and about 15 were chosen.
They had regular practise sessions after school till they had their semi-finals last week from which only a lucky 5 were chosen. My Ritvik was one of them. I did not know till then that my darling baby had a hidden dancer in him. The last week was crazy juggling between work, his practise sessions, shopping for costumes,fitting size and finally today was the D-day. I was a big bundle of nervousness and exictement.

I let my husband get him ready as I rushed about doing a last minute check on everything. From the corner of my eye I could see Ritvik jumping up and down on his bed. Suddenly he stuck out two fingers at his dad. His dad playfully became a monster and pretended to eat up his fingers.
Ritvik, putting on a sad face and imitating a sad voice "But , Papa, How will I eat without my fingers" followed by giggles and then the jumping resumed. I scream once again to get both father and son dressed.

We reached the school auditorium well ahead of time. Ritvik, immediately went to play with with few of his friends who had arrived early. I went to find his teacher and gave her the make-up/costume set. My husband was assigned the task of cathing front-row seats. The make-up man arrived and the teachers send the kids to him one by one. I patiently waited at the sidelines to see if I was needed, but seeing no need for me and Ritvik being taken
good care of by his teachers I returned to the hall. It was now packed with family and friends. The first two rows were reserved for the judges who were professional dancers.They each had a score-sheet for each dance and they would award various points which would be totalled at the end to announce the overall winner.

Finally, an hour later than the scheduled time the lights dimmed and the performance began. The first set was the youngest kids. My Ritvik was 3rd in order.
As he stepped on stage, I could see him heistate to see such a huge crowd but when the music began I saw him slide and jump and do various dance moves with the classic smile on his face. He was enjoying it thoroughly, finally the music ended and he bowed. I jumped up from seat clapping hard with a small tear at my eyes.
One by one all the dance routines ended and the kids were send down to the parents before the final winner was announced in each category.

I hugged and kissed Ritvik as he came to us and told him he was the best. "Love you baby, I said and he cheerfully grinned, "Love you Amma" and sat on his Papa's lap.
Soon the host came to announce the winner of the Novice (4-6) category. My heart started beating rapidly, I held on to my husbands hand and turned to see if he was feeling the same way. I saw both father and son busy playing with the Lightning McQueen Car that he had got along and I let out a loud sigh with the biggest smile on my face.

Note: The above is a work of fiction and the entry for this month's group blog posting. The topic was to write a piece of fiction including the following prompts: A family member, a witty 4 year old kid, any food items, a finger.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tea for two and the Tuesday Prompt

Todays prompt is to write three sentences about yourself, first sentence starting with T., second with E and third with A (as it spells TEA).

So here is my contribution
T - There is only one like me, i'm the Best
E - Everything about me oozes confidence
A - Any amount of icecream can be devoured by me at any time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tea for two (and a piece of cake) Tuesday No.4

Today's prompt is Can a relationship be like a tea-stain? Why or why not?

My answer to this is YES and here is the reason WHY

The beginning of a Love Relationship is the most profound thing to happen in one's life.
It is the most meaningful element that one can go through in his/her life. There is a saying, "The First time will never come a Second Time" and this my dear friend is very true.
The first time you realize you have feelings for someone and especially when those feeling are reciprocated back,you feel that you are out of this world.

You wake up in the morning with a bright smile, looking forward to meet your sweetheart,
the eagerness in your eyes to see him/her, getting each other up to date about the night's happenings, bunking college to eat out at your favorite restaurant, getting home late and then immediately calling each other.

It was as if the world was made up for you both.

And then without either of you realizing it the little small fights creep in, the pangs of being neglected, jealousy always followed by tears
is a big stain on your relationship, just like a big tea stain on your most beautiful dress. You keep trying to was the stain off but whatever you do it remains there
just like all the hurt words you used for each other that won't go away and finally one day you give up on the stain and put the dress away or keep wearing it, like how you would break-up in a relationship or just be in it:

Until finally one day, when you can hardly see the stain, similarly with time all you should remember is the good times of any relationship

Note: Tried to put a parody of tea stain and hurt in a relationship

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tea for two (and a piece of cake) Tuesdays --3

Today's prompt is
There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea. ~Bernard-Paul Heroux

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahg, I let out a scream as I entered the room. How could he raise his voice at me, and that too for that stupid game of TT.
So he asked me to wait 5 minutes before I joined my Zumba class and I hesitated a little as I had to give the Zumba DVD to another friend. In that 5 minutes someone else grabbed his spot to play and so he fretted and fumed and raised his voice, how was I to know there would be a queue, I would have waited for 10 minutes if he would have asked politely.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, how I hate him and that is when the teapot whistled with hot brewing tea. Tea that he had made for me to have once I return from my class. As I poured the tea in a cup and sipped it, I sighed "All's good with the world"

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Tea for two Tuesday - Second One

Preeti is hosting the "Tea for two (and a piece of cake) Tuesdays" as a part of the promos for her 3rd book.
You can view more here
Today's prompt is
" The table is set perfectly, for 'tea for two'. (and the piece of cake is ready too).  I am really looking forward to this. There is still a good half an hour left for my guest to arrive as per the  text  I just got.
I had been eagerly waiting for him since morning, checking my hair, my face every now and then. We had been introduced two months back through the Internet matrimonial site where he had seen and liked my profile(put up by my parents). Initially I was not interested in talking to him, I had broken up with C after a year long courtship and the wound was still raw. But he was persistent in his approach and kept pinging me on Y! Messenger every now and then. One day with no work in office I got chatting with him and could actually smile at the end of the day. Online chat conversations and offline messages led way to phone calls and finally today was the day we were going to meet each other.
Suddenly the door bell rings..............  I rushed to the door and opened it. Standing on my doorstep was C, my C, who had parted ways with me almost 3 months back. His reason was that on his birthday when we friends had visited his home for the first time, his parents did not like me and flatly refused to agree to our wedding. On the other hand  friends told me of how they had seen him at the movie-theatres with A. I knew he had a soft corner for A but thought all that was over when we got together.  I did not know what to believe, every night through tears I would pray to God to return my C to me, to make him realize that I was the one for him, nothing in the world was more beautiful than 'we' together. I envisioned him realizing his folly and coming to me and how I would melt in his arms, cuddle him and smother him with kisses,  and now here he was, the man of my dreams, my heart standing in front of me.

Strangely enough I felt nothing, just like that my feelings for him were over.

Hi S, he said "I just cleared the AirForce selection and will be flying to Delhi for training tomorrow". Wanted to tell you personally as you were with me during all those hours of studying and exam preparation.  Take Care, Bye, he said

"Bye" I said as I closed the door. The half-hour was almost up. I rushed once more to the mirror to check my appearance after all my guest would be coming soon.