Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Welcome to Puerto Rico - Dec 10th 2015

Was I excited? Was I nervous? Was I biting my nails ? Not really..I did not even have time to think or plan about the trip. What with MIL leaving and me deciding to WFH for 2 months with a toddler, days have been super busy. I just decided in mid - August that we needed a family vacation. Since most of US is covered I needed a destination that was not in US and did not need visa checking, so Puerto Rico it was. Flight tickets were booked and then I asked G to do the hotel bookings. The only thing I booked in advance was the Bio Bay as someone said it gets sold out pretty quick.

We had a 7 am flight to catch(Sun Country) and since it is considered an International Destination we had to reach there 2 hrs ahead. I got up at 4 am, got ready woke the kids by 4:30 am, got both dressed and we were out by 5, both the kids were wide awake and ready for the trip. We reached the airport by 5:30 am, did the check-in's , went through the Security Checks and were in the flight by 6:50 am. The first leg a 3 hr flight was till Ft Meyers, FL. As soon as the flight departed we all slept for an hour, when we woke up the beverage service was on, after having juices, soon it was time to reach Florida. We were asked to stay in the flight itself, we had palak paneer and chapatti(which I had packed), the it was a 2 hr flight to San Juan, luckily Baby girl R slept again and it was an easy flight till there. While landing we saw the beautiful oceans from the flight and it was a beautiful scene.

We reached San Juan by 2:00 EST time. We then went to the Rental and got our car, the climate was hot, our jackets were off. We then went to the hotel Villa del Sol which was very near to the Rental Car Office. The hotel was colorful ,w e were in the 2nd floor and there was a courtyard which was good as the kid could run out and play. After freshing we went for a stroll outside and to have dinner, we chose El Café restaurant and I had the famous Mofongo(Shrimp) but sadly it did not taste good at all, we ended up with having Tres Leche cake as dessert, we then walked around and went to Walgreens to get some other essential stuff like milk, bread....

Ritvik was all ready to go back home to his friends and was all the time asking when we will return, he convinced his Dad to get him a lego set, we then went to the hotel and were lazing around on the courtyard. After some time Ritvik started crying saying he was missing his friends and wanted to go back, I then gave him a big lecture on spending time with family blah blah and when I told him we will go after 5 days, he was like 5 days, that is too much, can we go back in 2.
All said and done we were all tired with our flight journey and went to sleep for the night.