Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer _May 2017

  • Had family come from India on May 10th. Mom, Dad, Chechi and Paarth. Went to the airport at 10 am and picked them and got them home. Luckily they did not have any jet lag, spend time eating chakaada, lots of sweets and seeing all the nice dresses from India
  • Ritiha got attached to my sister and wanted to stick by her and play with her all the time. The two brothers were competing, fighting all the time, playing video games. We all together played a lot of UNO.
  • Took them to just nearby places and I did not stress too much on taking them out. Went to Costco, soccer matches and just generally around.
  • We did go to Lake Calhoun one evening , had ice-cream, clicked a lot of pictures and returned.
  • We also went to Willow river Falls and had a gr8 time getting wet in the waterfall.
  • Since we took farmland a lot of time in the evenings went in putting water and getting farm work done

Happy Birthday my darling Dindu

July 9th , you turned 3 years old and let me tell you my love, you are my most precious one.
At this age you are such a delight to be with. You are talking non-stop and I am amazed by your vocabulary and some of the words and constructive sentences that you use.
Also your amazing manners to say Please and Thank-you.
In fact when we went to Fedex Store 2 days back the lady at the counter complimented me on your good behavior.
You are such a great helper, helping at home an also in the farm.
Nowadays you want to play with your friends all the time and it is easy for us to leave you down stairs. You are also very good at making friends.

Some pics from your bday party.
Love you lots