Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Dad - my Hero!

As a baby I do not remember much about you except for the family lunch on Sundays. I knew you travelled 25 kms daily for work leaving at 6am and returning only at night.
But I do remember the wonderful stories that you told me and Chechi every night.

It was only once we moved to Dehuroad that I remember the times with you.
Now that we had to travel to school 25 kms by train you would come with us everyday morning, put us in the rickshaw and then travel all the way back to go to work.
I dont remember how many days you did this, but then we had other girls travelling the same way so you could stop the tedious journey you made everyday.

I remember how when you got new clothes stitched I would first wear your shirt and pant and only then you would wear it. For me my Dady was the one person on this earth who would do no wrong and would never lie. Infact during Xmas functions when you had drinks with friends I never thought drinking could be wrong in any way. Infact if dady did it then even I could drink and I remember taking small sips from your glass and you never stopped me which leads me to have this blinded faith on you. But I do remember how you scolded me once when I had a sip with one of the cousins telling that I could take a drink only and only if you were around.

I remember how every summer vacation you would make it a point to take us out for vacations, not many parents did it at that time and we went to Mysore, ooty, chennai, Delhi, how when we went for vacations to Kerala you would write long letters, how when I sometimes fought with Mommy, you would try to patch things between us, how when you told me that I am the most beautiful girl in this world I beamed with joy and when you told me you loved me more than Chechi I was and still am beaming from inside.

I remember how when I would loose something mom would go on yelling but you would be super cool about it whether it be a new bag, new umbrella or even a gold ring. I remember how you would call me "Princess" and "Lovely", those words wew music to my ears.

I am amazed at the wonderful memory you have and the knowledge that you have about everything and how you can talk about it (though sometimes I get bored). I know you wanted one of us to become a doctor and one an IAS officer which we both did not do but hope we have been successful in you being proud of us.

I am indeed thankful that all the confidence in life that I have got is because of how you have brought me up.
Love you Daddy,
Your's little girl.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life is Beautiful

This was a very though provoking post put by Preeti and I had to do my part in linking her post here

There is so much more in life to live for. Never ever think about giving up the Beautiful Life God is provided you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My baby is coming back

Yes, another 10 days and my baby will be back in US. I can see him walk, talk, run, smile, shout, scream and yes I can do all the silly things that I wanted to always do with him.
But along with all these thoughts is a sense of fear. He is coming along with his grandpa, Grandpa will leave after a month. Within that time he has to get adjusted to us, the new house, the new city, the new weather and worst of all,the one that I am truly scard of is- a new day care.
I hope he settles well over here.

Hope my baby enjoys
And plays with
Lots and lots of toys

Hope my baby smiles
Spreading happiness
Across miles

Hope my baby dances
Trying out new steps
in balance

Saturday, April 09, 2011

A comment to a Post

Here is a link to Preeti's post Marriage and Freedom

I started writing my comment to her post and realized that it was a topic which struck home and there was so much to write that I thought I should blog about it.
Preeti--A very realistic and thought provoking topic indeed.

My thoughts about freedom after marriage was totally as Preeti described, having ones own space and indeed I have been very lucky to have a very trusting husband indeed. He never cares for my passwords or emails, he has no problems with me hanging out with other guys.I also happened to be friends with my exes because well I really believe in the institution of friendship. Now unfortunately for me sometimes the exes dwell about the past..some remark here and there which I really don't care about much, and since it is really not important to me I just ignore the comment without telling them not to talk like that to a married women, but an incident occurred which nearly led to my loosing hubby's trust and that led me thinking, "Is it worth risking your life, your happiness having such friends", "Would they like it if someone spoke to their wives in the same way". I mean my husband is the guy who married me when they did not and not because he was madly in love with me but because he considered me his BEST FRIEND. A friend whom he wanted to help, so is it not better to stop talking to these so called friends rather than risking my marriage for this.
Or else who knows, I just pick wrong friends :)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

April 2nd 2011 - India wins the World Cup

Today the Indian Cricket Team won the World Cup under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I simply love the guy and the reason I love him is because of his down to earth nature and his ability to remain cool in all situations.
Since we are in the US, the match that starts in India at 2:30 pm will start for us at 4:00 am in the morning. I have not followed any match of the WorldCup except for some highlights here and there.
This being the finals hubby and friends decided to watch in on the projector at their place. He got up in the morning and was making so much of noise that my sleep too vanished and I joined him.
Initially Srilanka played really well to put a good score of 274/6 in thier alloted 50 overs.
During the break we came home and after refreshing ourselves we went again to watch India innings. They were reeling at 32-2 and then there was a great comeback by the rest of the team. We cheered at every run and boundary that was taken by the Indian team. Finally Dhoni hit a huge six to take India to victory and bring the cup to our nation.
You did us proud Indian team. Let the party continue.