Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Dad - my Hero!

As a baby I do not remember much about you except for the family lunch on Sundays. I knew you travelled 25 kms daily for work leaving at 6am and returning only at night.
But I do remember the wonderful stories that you told me and Chechi every night.

It was only once we moved to Dehuroad that I remember the times with you.
Now that we had to travel to school 25 kms by train you would come with us everyday morning, put us in the rickshaw and then travel all the way back to go to work.
I dont remember how many days you did this, but then we had other girls travelling the same way so you could stop the tedious journey you made everyday.

I remember how when you got new clothes stitched I would first wear your shirt and pant and only then you would wear it. For me my Dady was the one person on this earth who would do no wrong and would never lie. Infact during Xmas functions when you had drinks with friends I never thought drinking could be wrong in any way. Infact if dady did it then even I could drink and I remember taking small sips from your glass and you never stopped me which leads me to have this blinded faith on you. But I do remember how you scolded me once when I had a sip with one of the cousins telling that I could take a drink only and only if you were around.

I remember how every summer vacation you would make it a point to take us out for vacations, not many parents did it at that time and we went to Mysore, ooty, chennai, Delhi, how when we went for vacations to Kerala you would write long letters, how when I sometimes fought with Mommy, you would try to patch things between us, how when you told me that I am the most beautiful girl in this world I beamed with joy and when you told me you loved me more than Chechi I was and still am beaming from inside.

I remember how when I would loose something mom would go on yelling but you would be super cool about it whether it be a new bag, new umbrella or even a gold ring. I remember how you would call me "Princess" and "Lovely", those words wew music to my ears.

I am amazed at the wonderful memory you have and the knowledge that you have about everything and how you can talk about it (though sometimes I get bored). I know you wanted one of us to become a doctor and one an IAS officer which we both did not do but hope we have been successful in you being proud of us.

I am indeed thankful that all the confidence in life that I have got is because of how you have brought me up.
Love you Daddy,
Your's little girl.

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