Saturday, April 09, 2011

A comment to a Post

Here is a link to Preeti's post Marriage and Freedom

I started writing my comment to her post and realized that it was a topic which struck home and there was so much to write that I thought I should blog about it.
Preeti--A very realistic and thought provoking topic indeed.

My thoughts about freedom after marriage was totally as Preeti described, having ones own space and indeed I have been very lucky to have a very trusting husband indeed. He never cares for my passwords or emails, he has no problems with me hanging out with other guys.I also happened to be friends with my exes because well I really believe in the institution of friendship. Now unfortunately for me sometimes the exes dwell about the past..some remark here and there which I really don't care about much, and since it is really not important to me I just ignore the comment without telling them not to talk like that to a married women, but an incident occurred which nearly led to my loosing hubby's trust and that led me thinking, "Is it worth risking your life, your happiness having such friends", "Would they like it if someone spoke to their wives in the same way". I mean my husband is the guy who married me when they did not and not because he was madly in love with me but because he considered me his BEST FRIEND. A friend whom he wanted to help, so is it not better to stop talking to these so called friends rather than risking my marriage for this.
Or else who knows, I just pick wrong friends :)


Preeti Shenoy said...

I do not know what the incident is which nearly lost you your husband's trust.
I am not friends with ANY of my exes..They are EXes for a reason.I prefer they stay out of my life.Over is over.

My male friends--they know the boundaries, the limits, as do I.(in case they happen to be married too)

So as long as two people know what they are doing and as long as their spouses have a good understanding with them, it is fine really.

Warm regards

Preeti Shenoy said...

Thanks for all the comments on my blog too :)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.