Thursday, February 12, 2015

And back again!!!

Life is again become so busy and I am not recording anythign here. After Mom left I was staying home with baby in the mornings and was working in the evenings. Hubby took care of cooking, older one, making the house clean etc etc. The first 2 days were tough but me being me could somehow manage mtgs, feeding, cleaning putting baby to sleep and also gettign 2 Deployments done in that process.
Initial plan was that we would travel to india in March but we dropped the plan and the in-laws reached here last Friday, has that made my days less hectic, no way , it is just the same and I am enjoying everything.

How i could manage a baby and work has to be recorded, first of all my Bumshika is a sweet , loving, and very precious baby. Wake up at 9 or sometimes 9:30 when I had calls and would play on the bed by herself, then I would clean her, give her some fruit and then by 10; 30-11 she would sleep for 30-40 mins, then wake up, give her bath, feed her cereal and take her around for a walk, by 2 she would sleep till 4:30 -5 and I was left to do all my work :)

Sometimes I worked in evenings which was not easy as my older one came from school and I had to give him my attention too but I managed for 3 weeks and now I feel as if nothing is impossible for me.