Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TOUCH Thursday No 3

This is the 3rd TOUCH Thursday entry:-
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Today's prompt is If you are a woman, write 3 things (or more)  that you really want from men

When I was young and naive I wanted a guy who would talk a lot, pamper me to the hilt , make me laugh all the time yaada yaada.
Now I realize that these things are not very critical in everyday living, so today my thoughts are reversed. I need a man who will

1. Respect his and my family. For me family is very important. I would never do anything to hurt my or his parents and I want someone to reciprocate the same feelings. Someone whom I know that even if things go wrong among us will not hurt my parents.

2. Peace of Mind:- I have known to have the jealousy streaks so much that it eats into my mind. I am grateful to be in a relation where I do not have that kinds of stress and can be peacful and relaxed.

3. Let me be Myself:- Just allow me to do the things that I really like to do and be a constant support.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Falling in Love Again

My boy is a mamma's boy, not that he clings to me all the time or anything like that but between him and his Dad, I am the Preferred one, we fight, we argue, we dance together, we laugh at silly things so much so that his Dad feels left out.

So last nite when we were in bed I told him 'Baby, Daddy was complaining that you are not kissing him and hugging him etc, you only do all that to Mommy, at this my little one makes a funny face and says "But Mommy --you are the cutest na, so I like to kiss you all the time"
Awwwwwwww--after that I was only smiling.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yet Another Week-end Went By in A Jiffy

This week being Navratri Friday 11th Oct 2013 we had garba nite in our apartment complex. The time given was 8:00 - 11:00. Me & R got ready and went to the party hall at 8 with the speaker system. We waited for 45 mins till others started trickling in.
We went back and had dinner and came by 9 by the time most people had come. We started garba dance but it the jhor shor of last time was really missing.
To add to it it was very hot and we were sweating after doing some 4-5 rounds itself

By 10 pm most of them left, so even we wrapped up for the day. Went home and slept.
Sat was a friend's kid bday part so we were at the party hall decorating. Lunch they ordered pizza, then played VB from 4 - 6. Got ready and went to the party which went on till 10:30 pm

13th Sun --Last day of Navratri pooja, went to a frinds home in the morning for pooja, came home and made brociili paratha, slept, played VB in the evening and then night made yummy lamb biryani.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TOUCH Thursday no 2

Here is my entry for TOUCH Thursday Prompt 2
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Hi Mark,
Heard that you were planning to visit India. Though we may not know each other so well I wanted to ensure your stay here is satisfactory. At first sight you might feel uncomfortable at the pollution, the soot and dust and the huge population but let me tell you, soon you will find that India is a people's country , the warmth and love that you will get form all of us here will be cherished by you for a lifetime.
Since this is your first visit here obviously you will want to do some sight-seeing. You must have heard about the interesting palces to visit like the world famous Taj mahal, the beaches in Goa, the forts in Jaipur or the more exotic places in Ooty, Kanyakumari, Kovalam but there are some hidden gems of places that you should just not miss. I am listing some of them here for your reference.
This part of Greater Himalaya called "moon on earth" consists of naked peaks and deep gorges which you should absolutely not miss.

Cherrapunji - Just 56 kilometer away from the state capital Shillong (capital of Meghalaya),  is a heaven’s garden away from the reach of city life.The sky scrapping hills offer a view of the lush green area, the floating clouds and the rustic lifestyle of the local residents.

Tarkarli Beach - Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city known for it's shopping, architecture and Bollywood cinemas but if you drive a few hours , you will reach the  land of pristine waters, Tarkarli. It is a heaven for the adventure lovers who love to do snorkeling and scuba diving. You can still feel the tranquil whispering of the sea waves in this less tourist frequented beach of Maharashtra.  

Daman & Diu - is the 2nd smallest Union Territory in India. The reflections of both Gujarati and Portuguese lifestyle can be seen in this part of the country. The far stretching shoreline adds on enchanting charm to this beautiful abode. Dotted by forts and churches, Daman & Diu is a good choice to explore the unexplored.

Athirapilly Falls - This famous waterfall in Kerala is not just calm and sweet, but something really wild and natural. The word ‘picturesque’ hold true while I talk of these giant natural wonders.

Apart from these you should also try the various cuisine of India. It is heaven for your taste buds to savour the variety of food you will get from each and every State of India.
Have fun while you are here and do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The week-end that Was

I was waiting for the week-end eagerly and once it came It went by so fast.
Fri went o play Indoor Volleyball ,was there till 10 pm and then went out for dinner at GreenMill(we were given Green Mill vouchers for winning the Eden prairie League)
Sat morn my baby neice S came home played with her and then made some brocolli paratha, another friend of mine gave birth to a baby boy so went to the hospital to see baby & mom. Evening wanted to get a nap but R did not allow me to sleep, he was jumping and playing all over. Evening went for my run after a very long time, it was beautiful weather and picked some flowers on my way, went for Dussera pooja to a friend's place, night went to casino , played Bingo and came home by 1 am.

Sun I had kept dussera pooja at my place, woke up, made prasad, kadala sundal and sweet pongal, everyone came by 11, finished pooja by 1, had dinner and then slept till 5:30.
Evening played with kids, made dinner and done for the day. 

Friday, October 04, 2013

TOUCH Thursday no.1:

Preeti of is launching her 5th book and as a result has put up these wonderful prompts for 6 weeks.

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If I could have anyone I choose as my 'forever friend'/ 'life partner' , I would choose...............................................
I would choose him -- The One I cannot Have because circumstances put us in such a relationship that we cannot be together. He is happily married and so am I to our respective partners but we are bonded by blood and soul. He started out by being my best friend, the one with whom I can discuss about anything. He can make me laugh a lot, we can laugh together at the silliest of things, he can infuse in my relatively peaceful mind the fierceness of jealousy and possessiveness, he can make the child in me come out with all it's playfullness. He made me realize the meaning of the words, "To the world you may be somebody but for somebody you are the world".

Note:Our backgrounds are not similar, I am a Post Graduate, he is not cleared his 12th std.
I earn 20 times more than what he earns but yes, Aisa bhi pyaar hota hain.

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