Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The week-end that Was

I was waiting for the week-end eagerly and once it came It went by so fast.
Fri went o play Indoor Volleyball ,was there till 10 pm and then went out for dinner at GreenMill(we were given Green Mill vouchers for winning the Eden prairie League)
Sat morn my baby neice S came home played with her and then made some brocolli paratha, another friend of mine gave birth to a baby boy so went to the hospital to see baby & mom. Evening wanted to get a nap but R did not allow me to sleep, he was jumping and playing all over. Evening went for my run after a very long time, it was beautiful weather and picked some flowers on my way, went for Dussera pooja to a friend's place, night went to casino , played Bingo and came home by 1 am.

Sun I had kept dussera pooja at my place, woke up, made prasad, kadala sundal and sweet pongal, everyone came by 11, finished pooja by 1, had dinner and then slept till 5:30.
Evening played with kids, made dinner and done for the day. 

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PeeVee™ said...

Sounds like a busy life :)