Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yet Another Week-end Went By in A Jiffy

This week being Navratri Friday 11th Oct 2013 we had garba nite in our apartment complex. The time given was 8:00 - 11:00. Me & R got ready and went to the party hall at 8 with the speaker system. We waited for 45 mins till others started trickling in.
We went back and had dinner and came by 9 by the time most people had come. We started garba dance but it the jhor shor of last time was really missing.
To add to it it was very hot and we were sweating after doing some 4-5 rounds itself

By 10 pm most of them left, so even we wrapped up for the day. Went home and slept.
Sat was a friend's kid bday part so we were at the party hall decorating. Lunch they ordered pizza, then played VB from 4 - 6. Got ready and went to the party which went on till 10:30 pm

13th Sun --Last day of Navratri pooja, went to a frinds home in the morning for pooja, came home and made brociili paratha, slept, played VB in the evening and then night made yummy lamb biryani.

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Reflections said...

Hectic, hectic lifestyle eh;-D

So where's the recipe for Lamb Biriyani:-)???