Monday, November 29, 2010

Luck Riding High!

Nov 27th 2010 - 4 days of thanksgiving holidays, what do you do if there are no trips planned for this one, well laze, laze and then laze some more :) I had a pretty consistent schedule all 4 days, wake up by 10:30, prepare break-fast, lunch, then read my books, nap from 4-6, gym, bath, cook dinner, watch a movie, goodnite.
Well Saturday hubby was really bored and decided to go to the Casino to play Cosmic Bingo. We went a lot the first year we were here, last year I had my precious little baby to tend I skipped the casino entirely.
Cosmic Bingo was to start at 11:00 pm. We reached by decided to try some blackjack, well luck was definitley my side as I hit 3 Blackjacks(dont recall the last time I got a profit :)), after getting a profit of $15 we left for Bingo.
Cosmic Bingo is always fun with the lights & music. On the 4th card I was waiting for 1 number to complete my horizontal line and then she called - G-49. Bingo I screamed, my ticket no was read and I won $100. Then I was called on stage to spin a board and I won another $50 and a %20 bingo voucher. Well!Well, someone's luck was really riding high.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 pros & Cons of leaving my baby in India

Top 10 Pro's
1) He is in India :)
2) He gets to spend time with his grand-parents
3) He can breathe fresh air daily, not stay indoors in the winter here
4) He can lead a diaperless life :)(this is my personal favorite)
5) He can mingle with relatives and lots & lots of other people
6) He can eat well cooked home food everyday
7) He gets to attend all the festivals
8) He escapes the cold winter
9) I get to laze as much as I want
10) Me & Hubby get time to spend with each other

Top 10 Cons
1) I miss my baby
2) Miss Hugging him
3) Miss kissing him
4) Miss his smiles
5) Miss his bites
6) Miss his laugh
7) Miss his cries
8) Miss carrying him
9) Miss putting him to sleep
10) Miss! Miss! Miss him

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diwali - 2010

This year Diwali we decided to have a Diwali get-together at Eden prairie, not many people around, the total group consisted of about 25 people. Officially Diwali was on 5th Nov but due to high booking of party hall we got it the following week-end on 14th Nov.

Girls were requested to do a dance and so were the boys. Girls dutifully started their practise 2 weeks in advance. I was in the games team, I decided to organize Bingo/tam bola.. we also decided on Treasure hunt, had to decide on the the hiding places, the clues, organizing is quite an effort.

Finally on the d-day the program which was scheduled to start at 5 was an hour late as all the pretty ladies had to get ready in their Saree's. All looked lovely for the delay :) next was the Diwali pooja, followed by treasure hunt, it was fun to see all adults running around the whole apartment complex as kids.
After starters was the next game- pass a polo using toothpics, then was the much awaited perform aces by girls and Boys, followed by dinner and then Bingo.
After this it was dance by all which was a blast. Cleaning the hall and went back to our homes ended the great day.

Happy Birthday Son

12-Nov-2010: You are loved a lot and may God bless you on this Special Day!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Happy Diwali

5th Nov 2010: Diwali day and I am in office. Nothing much to do , called home, wished family and relatives. Will go home at noon and cook some sweet dish :)
Today a year back was when my parents with my nephew visited us in US.
I still remember me and G going to the airport in the afternoon and waiting for them at the terminal.
As passengers poured out of the exit my eyes were scanning for them all the time. Finally I saw my dad, Mom and my baby nephew walk out. Joy knew no bounds to see them after almost an entire year.